Mama mboga, the invisible entrepreneur

Posted July 6, 2016 from Kenya

Every morning mama mboga, the vegetable vendor passes through doors calling ''mboga, mboga'' she has now harvested the all season vegetables and now hawks door to door, sometimes sits patiently by the roadside everyday to wait for her customers or to earn a living.these are invisible entrepreneurs who are rarely noticed by any one they feed families, communities and sometimes nations. These women break their backs farming small farms they own, kitchen gardens or leased farms and survive on the little they accumulate from their hard work.

From the proceeds of their rarely recognized enterprise they have taken there children and orphaned relative to school increasing the human resource on the continent and feed the continent.They may not know the existence of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) like zero hunger, education for all or ending poverty or receive standing ovations for innovations or being the best Chief Executive Officer. All they care about is there children having food to eat and getting an education it may not be the best education offered but they know their children or orphaned relatives will have a better life as a result of schooling.

Next time you go to the market and find the woman selling plantain, fruits,groundnuts, beans, maize and vegetables think of the contribution they make in you community and your countries economy, they truly mean business.

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  • Ann Forsthoefel
    Jul 07, 2016
    Jul 07, 2016

    Hi Immah,

    I love this post!  Thank you for bringing attention to women who keep their families feed and the challenge and back breaking work it is for these women. 

    My mother was one of these women farmers who had feed her 10 children daily. She worked before the sun rose and after the sun set to make this happen. 

    I encourage you to keep on writing about the issue of women farmers around the world.