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Posted September 21, 2009 from Peru

Today I want to question for those women who even cannot speak; for those that even are still secretly hidding their faces behind a burka against theirs will; for those sisters who even continue under the yoke patriarchal, for those who even knowing that it is badly keep on supporting domestic violence and for those that ieven n this 21st century, we are treated as second class citizens

Why do we tolerate this abuse against women?

Africa still has female genital mutilation Asia still has the girls' marriage, Europe serves as stop by destination for the women's traffic. In the Americas it even keeps on abusing the indigenous women and perhaps it might keep on enumerating and many and many pages would happen before me it will end.

Why do we tolerate this abuse against women?

I do not know exactly why we still tolerate these abuse, but I perceive in the first seat in my innumerable trips around the world or in my interviews with the female clients in the immigration office where I work. It happens and that's why I reveal myself and I do not tolerate and if I could manage to help a woman or a girl in this world I feel that I can change the world little by little.

I remember the first time that Purisima was in the office; I was surprised that being an Ethiopian citizen, she could speak Spanish. She had a smile that was illuminating his beautiful face, Purisima came to the United States looking for asylum. She as her sisters had been victims of the most horrorific tradition: genital mutilationl, Purisima told me of the frightfulness of the procedure that was done in her own house and the consequences of this. I asked her, did you want this procedure to be done on you and she with the sadness look in her face said to me: Diana, I was only 13 years, and I did not want it, but nobody was listening to me.

Why do we tolerate this abuse against women?

I met Ganga in my trip to India, she believes that she is 23 years old, and then years ago she was forced by her father to get married. Ganga has 4 children and lives in the streets of Mumbai, her husband died. In Ganga's case, she had not voice, Ganga was not allowed to speak up. Ganga said to me that if she should could raise her voice and be llistned she would be in her mother's house.

Why do we tolerate this abuse against women?

Finally, the touching history of Yi, Yi came to my life for my career as an immigration paralegal, Yi had travelled from North Korea to France to be employed at a hotel, and there she was surprised with the bad news that there was not such a job for her. She learned that she would travel to the United States to work in San Francisco, what Yi never imagined is that in San Francisco she will be forced to work as a prostitute. Yi did not want to come to the United States, but it was forced to travel to San Francisco. Yi was practically kidnapped for six months until the police took control of the brothel. When I interviewed her the first thing that I realized it is the anxiety in her look that anxiety of not knowing exactly what was happening and what was going to happen to her. With an interpreter I understood her unfortunate situation and her only desire was t0 return to her country. I could ask her the reason that she led her to think that she could have a job in Europe, and simply I understood that she was fooled by the women's traffickers and that her need of economic stability made her believe that somebody in the world would help her to leave her impoverished life in North Korea. These women had a voice but they were not listened!

Why do we tolerate this abuse against women?

I can keep on writing of my countless experiences, but we already know them., and the question keeps on being the same: Why do we tolerate this abuse against women?

I cannot. I cannot tolerate it and I resist the abuse and daily I fight not only in helping these women under many organizations of support; but also in spreading the injustice towards the woman and the girls in the world and to speak for those women who even cannot speak!

PS I have changed the names of the persons, but the stories are real.

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  • Maria Cuellar
    Sep 27, 2009
    Sep 27, 2009

    Dear Ingadia,

    Wow, thank you for telling us about all these examples of abuse against women. I can tell that you have been touched by this issue, and you write a very powerful letter to the world.

    Thanks so much for writing this!


  • JaniceW
    Sep 27, 2009
    Sep 27, 2009

    Ingadia, indeed why do we tolerate it? I thank you for sharing these stories and encourage you to join the "Weaving Our Own Fate" group, formed because "we believe that when a woman confronts her situation and begins to talk or write about it she can begin to heal. We believe that sharing our stories will help other woman see they are not alone. We are planning a web page and printable pamphlets that tell the stories of woman who are creating their own fate by removing the stigma of silence that surrounds domestic violence and rape. We are still in the panning stages so decided to create this group to let everyone get started by several ways."

    You can find this and many other groups at the links below. You may also consider starting your own group where you can build a powerful network bringing together PulseWire members with similar visions and concerns who want to share ideas or actions. With the group journal, you can brainstorm solutions, pose questions, test ideas and create a support network around your interests.

    Thank you again for sharing these stories. Janice

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