I was born in 27th January 1988 under the Muslim family parents. I was named Fatma Hassan Massanja, it was the family of four children and I was born third. But for the mercy of almighty god I got revelation to the word of god in Christ, and then converted in Christian religion through the valuable message preached by prophet William Marion Branham. I am a believer worshiping in the “end time message tabernacle” here in dare s salaam Tanzania.

In the married life of my parents my father had never include my mother in his activities, my mother was just a house wife knowing nothing about her husband’s properties. The only thing she knew was to cook and take care of the family. And that is the ral life of many Africans.

In 1997 when I was in standard two my parents fell divorced, such thing lead us to rermain with single parent and that was mom. So we had to stay to grand fathers house, in 1999 February my father died with HIV/AIDS. Life become too hard to live. Because my mother depended only on selling cooked food (mama lishe) business. In 2001 mother passed away as well. There it cost us to go to our separate ways.

Somebody took me for the promise of paying my school expenses, but when I was in form two he stopped what he promised. Nobody was there to support me fro my school expenses. I cried for help buy there where no helping hand.

Because I love education I decided to have a boy friend who does help me to survive with my school. I thank when I nearly to complete my o’level education my school cometee’s eyes were opened and see my suffering. I finished and got division iii point 25. I paid for computer course.

From there I used to work as a secretary in different places and also as a tuitor sometimes because I love children. In 2007 I met one of my fathers old friend he told me that my father had a large farms at Morogoro, had boat for fishing at kigoma and also had a large plot here in Dar es salaam. So how could I get them back while I had no any document for proof? In 2008 I met my husband whom we have two daughters till now. Nancy (7years) and Faith (1year).

My vision It is time for change now. Men should not neglect their wives in the daily life planning, look for the suffering I went through all this is because my mom had never had a chance to know how wealth her husband is. If she could know my I could tell a different story about my life now.

If African will help children without thinking of gender issues I could do well in my education, because the wife of the one who was paid for my education earlier always told me and even her husband that “girls are for marriage and not education”

Poor understanding capacity results to low reasoning power, poor parents sometimes used to it easy when facing some obstacles in developing their children in education, thinking that even if a child lack education thing will settle it self on the future. This is so wrong

Due to what I went through my advice is to provide more education about gender equality in Africa so that we may reduce the number of street children and prostitute.

My vision too is to have a school where women will be employed especially widow and single parents so that their children won’t suffer as much as I did.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Ending Gender-Based Violence 2012.

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Warm Hug ! From Nepal

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my life was full of sadness and cryies. i had no body to trust and depend on. i rise my self . i hate my past for real. now my dear women all i need is courage so that i may stand with my two feet. lastly i want you not to forget God is every thing no what religion you stand for. cause he helped to reach where i am today. i love you all women of the world . and also do not forget children that living hardiship( street children and orphans) i experienced that ting.

thank for letting me be one of you innocency

Great story! Very inspiring! I'm so glad to see you were able to move past the deaths of your parents and continue on a positive path. I hope other young girls can learn from your experiences. Keep up the good work.

Dear Innocency,

You are very courageous to continue your education despite losing both your parents and going through many adversities to pay your school expenses. Congratulations on all that you have accomplished--with your education, becoming a secretary and tutor, and also on your daughters. I agree with you that education is key and that more education is needed to reduce gender inequalities. Thank you for sharing your story, vision, and advice.

Dear Innocency,

Thank you for writing your story. I know it has not been easy at all, but you have kept your vision strong throughout and did what you needed to do for your survival and for your children. I truly hope you will one day manifest your dream of having a place where women can be empowered and educated. IT will be a wonderful thing. Keep up the good work and many blessings to you and your family! All the best, Laura

Laura R.