About Me: I am women and children's rights activist especially in the areas of health and gender equality. Iam currently helping to provide free psychosocial and medical care services to victims of sex and gender based violence through counseling, emergency contraception, HIV post exposure prophlaxis[PEP], General treatments, and helping SGBV survivors access legal care and follow up.

My Passions: Helping the helpless fulfills my purpose for life

My Challenges: Lack of resources to run the above activities.

My Vision for the Future: To see women and children enjoying fully their rights.

My Areas of Expertise: Medical Social work

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When someone is doing a good job here in my country, we say WELLDONE, and this I say to you here today WELLDONE INNOCENT! You are welcome to our online community where we report global issues through the eyes of women. Welcome once again and kindly feel free always to post to your journal. Currently we have a new group Ending gender based violence where I believe you will enjoy posting and reading other people's posts. Please feel free to join us there, and you should also be free to join other groups too. Looking forward to read some experiences from Uganda

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In Uganda 66% of women are sexually abused in their life time. Defilement and child sacrifice are becoming the order of the day. Domestic violence and gender inequalities are prevalent in each home,school,community,office and every where. All these are contributing/worsening the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Unfortunately the systems in Uganda dont adequately address the above concerns. For example health care workers and police are not edequately trained to handle victims of gender based violence with out further stigmatising them.. In case of say rape or defilement, the victims rush to police before seeking medical attn and miss services like emergence contraception and Post exposure prophylaxis for HIV.

The communities too are not sensitized about the above. Survivors consquently get medical and psychological complications inevitably.

I pray for God's help to the victims.

Innocent Atuhe