African Girl Child Reading Initiative ( 7- 18) Years)

Posted March 22, 2010 from United Kingdom

In Africa, girls account for a majority of the approximately 33 million primary school-aged children who are not enrolled in school. In Southern Africa, particularly in Zimbabwe, Inside Africa Foundation is working to bridge this gender gap by making sure that more girls are incorporated into the reading program, primarily to girls at the primary and secondary levels. IAF’s hope is to have more girl readers growing into well read members of their societies and play positive roles in the education, political, and economic sectors of their countries. Girl Child Readers will also benefit from mentoring activities from the IAF Out-Reach Programs designed to promote self-development and provide positive role models. The goal of the reading program is to expand the quantity and to improve the quality of learning materials that are available for girls in Southern Africa by providing 10 million student textbooks and workbooks, teacher handbooks and reading guides, handouts, worksheets, audio tapes, posters, vocabulary lists, and visual aids. IAF is soliciting for English textbook donations and supplementary educational materials from the United Kingdom, United States and Canada to Southern Africa where the project will start. Publishers and education institutions are being asked to donate books and funds cover the shipping and assistance in distribution through reading school tour programs. Full project requirements will be made available to committed prospective sponsors and partners. Inside Africa Foundation is seeking help from private sponsors and international organisations local nongovernmental organizations to help with development and production of reading and learning materials that fulfil the priority reading needs. Contact Inside Africa Foundation by email: Website

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