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Bandung, Women’s Institute : Monday, June 23rd 2014, in Kanci Kulon Village, Cirebon Districts, West Java-INDONESIA, the member of Women’s Cooperation “Annisa” gathered to discuss about Human Rights Situation in Saudi Arabia. In the event that facilitated by INSTITUT PEREMPUAN (WOMEN’S INSTITUTE), the participants discussed Saudi Arabian law which very vulnerable to domestic worker’s rights violation, mainly to women, and how dangerously if women go to work abroad without understanding prevailing social system and law. The participants felt shocked when learning on Kafala system that they never heard before. This event not to obstruct women to work abroad but to share information so they can share it againt to the villagers. When we asked for a response, some of them admitted that they have heard about domestiv migrant worker’s abuse. But they were not expected that inequality system between the country and Indonesia was too far and very unfair to women. They said that Kafala system is a slavery and should not be happen for today. (pd/sa)