Poem: The tree source of life and hope for generations

Tree, thy wonders are essential for ecosystems

Tree, everyone knows your ecological values, you are a producer of oxygen and a source of life because the phenomenon of photosynthesis uses light energy to convert water and carbon dioxide into food base for the tree.

Tree, through wooded areas, you maintain a certain proportion of natural elements essential to the balance of our psyche.

Tree, around a home you reduce the temperature and suddenly you reduced using the air conditioner.Tree, protects us your shade when the sun shines.

Tree, that thy wonders are innumerable. It is you who make the pride of ecotourism; Woodlands and urban parks high timber potential are also the greed of tourists.

Tree, your quality of ornament in our homes makes the beauty of your spectacular flowers and all other ornamental features.

Tree your vegetation improves the aesthetics of the urban landscape by creating a change in texture, a contrast of colors and shapes from adjacent buildings.

Tree your function in medicine has proved for many of our foods and pharmaceuticals just extracts or processing of vegetable materials.

Tree without your forest cover of our planet which has over 300 000 plant species, animal life could never exist.

Tree we are aware of your ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen and grow in poor soil conditions as particularly arid and disturbed sites.

Tree we all believe that the present and future generations have an interest in protecting you because of your many blessings,

Tree, you are essential in the purification of air by acting as true air filters (absorption of dust). Thus, pollutants and dust in the air can be captured by your leaves limiting their movement in the environment.

Tree in the heat, we recognize the value of your foliage that intercept, absorb and reflect solar radiation by reducing the intensity of radiation and heat that results.

Tree you are the inseparable companion of man and animal.

Tree you are the habitat and food for many species of birds, insects and small animals. Your many fruits attract and feed several mammals,

Tree your existence assures the survival of living beings on earth.

Tree you have an important role in biodiversity because the energy produced and stored by plants is a source of food for animals.

Tree, for your generosity, you protect us against the foliage because of your sounds, because we know that a belt of trees 30 meters thick reduces noise from June to August decibels, thank you for your presence,

Tree, the ignorance of foolish men who do excessive deforestation do not know that your presence is enough to reduce wind speed by providing a resistance to movement of air.

Tree, you give us construction materials, wood and paper pulp. You are essential to industries in the woods.

Tree you are essential in environmental education through your people's awareness of green space conservation, scientific popularization of ecological phenomena in which you act in close contact with its environment.

Tree , your aesthetic functions are visible on the edge of a building or a well-appointed residence

Tree, you score your presence in the improvement of water quality because you reduce the volume of runoff water, protect water sources and prevent or at least reduce the damage caused by flooding.

Tree, you're the proud owners of orchards and fruit tree plantations. Really your contribution in our lives is undeniable.

Tree, your shadow on the water reduces its warming particularly ponds and provides the essential oxygen to aquatic life.

Tree, you grant us your hospitality during rain by intercepting precipitation such as rain and snow.

Thank you for your omnipresence in our lives.Tree, you come in as an inhibitor of accidents and you allow the reduction of the winds in the border expressways

People of the world, save the tree because future generations will inherit what we have done for the environment.The benefits of the tree are multiple stabilization and regularization of soil hydrology and level of the water table.The lack of vegetation cover makes the surface of the soil more sensitive to the impact of water drops and the force of the wind. The problem is particularly important on sloping land, the banks of streams and rivers, cliffs, hills and slopesWoman, man , young children worldwide from North to South and the East to the West, let us all be vigilant against the barbaric actions towards the trees. Climate change is partly due to deforestation.

Banish our selfish interests by polluting the atmosphere. The environment is our common property.

Odette iranga LushayireBukavu, DRCongo


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The poem is very prosaic and speaks of true things. It feels like a song where you are praising the tree and how people fail to see the beauty of the tree. I see an image of the tree as a guide and a source of life with people around it.


Hello Odette - 

This is such a beautiful poem, and I'm glad that you submitted it in English as well as French so more people can enjoy it! This post looks like it would be a great submission to World Pulse's new Call to Action on climate change. If you'd like, a World Pulse staff member can add this post to the Call to Action--just let us know if you'd be interested.

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I really like your poem on trees! Trees are so important to all of our lives and we do take them for granted. I am lucky enough to live near a large park so everyday I can see the trees and remember to apprecaite their beauty.