1. BACKROUND AND CHALLENGE It is difficult for girls and young women in Walungu to partake in decision-making at every level, from their families to the government. Decisions are often made about critical issues affecting girls' lives, such as early marriage, without the input of girls themselves. They rarely have the agency to make decisions in their lives on anything from when they marry and whether they go to school to the amount of resources invested in them. We will work with 25 young girls in eastern DRCongo to transform them into leaders. II. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT The project aims to empower 25 young rural women leaders with the self-confidence, skills, support and resources to become leaders in their communities, thereby increasing the number of female role models, mentors and leaders across Walungu in DRCongo III.PROJECT GOALS
  2. Enable women and girls to fight domestic violence while accessing legal rights 2.Facilitate girls’ empowerment through clubs where girls would give peer to peer support.
  3. Transform thousands of girls from marginalization into leaders through girl’s club meetings.
  4. Mobilize the community to give priority for girl’s education

IV. PROJECT ACTIVITIES 1. Provide 25 young women with 3 days in leadership training 2. Provide a week for women leadership training in skills building, mentoring and advocacy 3. Conduct weekly leadership meeting for younger girls in their communities through theatre 4. Produce & multiply 25 training manual for participants in workshop 5. Provide a series of basic leadership skills & life skills training, leading to self-sufficiency into workshop 6. Create one girl club into community defending legal right of girls and women 7. Share and broadcast project visibility into the community and on media 8..Post the project results on social network; Google + to reach a large public number 9.. Produce a final report relating the results of the project


  1. Women and girls are weekly informed about their legal rights issues, health, and child wedding consequences into the girl's club defending their rights
  2. Documents are produced on textbooks law, leaflets or training manual for public awareness.
  3. Results of the dissemination workshops posted on social networks (Facebook, twitter) and into community trough conferences, broadcasting in Medias
  4. The participating girls to develop leadership skills workshop to denounce violations of their rights and become club member’s girls thus created.
  5. Informed Local Communities are on the issues of girl's right and women, reproductive sexual health 6.An advocacy paper produced on the girl's right
  6. At least 100 women and girls attending Girls Clubs participate weekly in discussion forum to report abuses against them


  1. Number of girls participating in the workshop acquire life skills struggle against violations of their rights.
  2. Rate of girls and women attending the club girls a week
  3. Quality of the themes developed during the workshop on women's rights 4 Number of cases documented violations and denounced during advocacy sessions
    1. Percentage of people affected by the activities of the workshop via the conference, radio broadcast .


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