I'm thankful.

Irene Kalulu
Posted December 2, 2018 from Zimbabwe

 We went to the graveyard to bury a young child last week. Surrounding us were graves of babies who had only "survived"-a day...a week...a year. It made me so sad to realise how fleeting life is. It is just but a wind,here one minute and gone the next. It also made me so THANKFUL!!! Thankful for the years God has kept me. For the years He has blessed me with. For the years i've spent with every member of my family. For the friends i"ve had. The ones who have come into my life for a reason, a season, those who look like they will stick around for a lifetime. Thankful that my longtime friends have loved me enough to tolerate my insecurities,my weirdness,my kind of loving. For the loves who have come into my life. The ones who have made me smile,who have made my heart beat and my pulse quicken, who have brought tears to my eyes with joy and have brought intense sadness. Thankful for the one who broke my heart and not only made me stronger,but made me acknowledge that i also need JESUS in my relationships. For the deep anguish and sorrow I've known in my life because it made me realise who God is in my life,that He alone is in control. Thankful that He has given me strength to endure the times I thought I could not go on. Thankful that i know now that without Him im lost.I'm thankful for Gods' awesome presence in my life. Because now i can celebrate LIFE! I can celebrate LIVING,not just surviving. 

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Dec 03
Dec 03

Hi Irene,

Thanks for sharing your inspiring post. Good luck with your story submission!

Hope you have a great day!

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