Offensive remarks that politicians should be held accountable for:

irene waithaka
Posted April 20, 2012 from Kenya

After a long day of my usual activities it was finally time to hv sm rest. Unfortunately for me catching up with the daily news made me very furious as one politician was qouted with a remark that fills me with disgust. 'i am not a wife to anybody i am a husband to wives nt even a wife bt wives'. This was a male leader who was making such an insensitive joke and iwas so offended because many laughed at such a comment. How do we move along the lines of gender mainstreaming and gender equity if well informed leaders choose to alienate a gender lens in their speeches and in their routines? As i replay the comment in my mind i just wonder if the said politician took a moment to think of his 'wives' feelings n more so i wonder was i the only soul offended by this comment? Will he ever b made to regret making such a retrogressive statement?

Women all over the world are fighting so hard to unwaken their muted voices but such an incidence as this pulls us down n demoralize us but am writing this to all of you as i know this journey is murky n rough but we cant afford to be derailed by a single drop in the ocean. My dear sisters we are the biggest population on earth lets use our numbers to enhance a gender lense in all dimensions of life from the political,economical to the social cultural aspects. When all is said and done i will sleep on my low morale and wake up rejuvinated to advocating for gender equity in todays world

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