Is it hard for woman to access a credit?

Irmia Fitriyah
Posted August 4, 2011 from Indonesia

Recently, I have an interesting experience regarding access to credit. It makes me want to laugh, and yet raise my eyebrow.

It happens to my elder sister. We have a catering business, and we want to expand their business, but we don’t have sufficient fund. So, a credit scheme is the answer. And, because our mom is considered to be too old to apply for a credit scheme, then it goes to my elder sister. And I help her finding the information.

Surprisingly, these are the common questions from the customer services we’ve met: a) “Are you married?” [Well, from the look of the customer service, I know that having a spouse is much better. There’ll be a man who pays for you.] b) “Do you have any children?” [It is the euphemism of “are you married?”]

The rest of the questions will be related to something about financial, which is more rational to me. And, these are the common requirements: a) Letter of marriage. b) Statement letter certified by sub-district authority for single person. c) Letter acknowledged by spouse (let’s say it’s husband they prefer). Even if the asset is under our name, still we have to get that permit letter from our spouse.

Well, I just know how bias our bank service. And even the woman cooperative my mother joined. Everything has to be acknowledged by spouse (husband), even for the woman’s own business.

I’m curious if there is similar situation in other part of the world. Is it hard for woman to access a credit?

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