It is about gratitude… appreciation… of a soulful project

That advertisement created a big smile (and grin actually) on my face. They said there would be a satisfying soul if we joined as Listeners. (Well, I can’t remember exactly what was mentioned on the advertisement, but I think more or less like that).

Yeah, it was World Pulse! The one that in later makes me addicted (in positive way for sure). Now, the tabs in my Mozilla are always side by side, World Pulse and facebook! I can sit for hours in front of my laptop, to read wonderful stories all over the world. I feel like I am reading a lovely love letter from a loved one.

Though I don’t give comments to the stories I read, but still, it makes me feel connected. And yes, my soul feels satisfied of it! World Pulse has well fed my soul!

World Pulse has given people around the world the opportunity to write something that we can’t write on mainstream media. It’s not always because they make restriction to some news, but it’s more about exploring our feeling. Mainstream media never gives us a opportunity to explore our feeling. They might suspect it’s not valid, not based on fact, or whatsoever excuses preventing us to explore our feeling, our personal stories.

I feel so… (hmmm let me find the right word… but I don’t think I can!) with this kind of opportunity! But for sure, it’s a positive feeling! A feeling that makes my soul satisfied and relieved, after so long trapped as regular-writing/reading-report-machine.

Though, I work in the field of humanitarian (which ehhmm.. should support the value of humanity), but still, I have to deal with kind of people who think everything is just a work. I don’t where they hide their sense of humanity… perhaps somewhere locked deep down in their darkest-bottom heart

I remember the day when I rode my motorbike in heavy windy rain. I was absolutely mad that day! I felt mad because the one whose sense of humanity as humanitarian worker still well functioned was suddenly kicked out just because she was considered not to meet our LFA! OMG! My lovely line manager (after taking leave) had to pack her stuffs immediately. I felt sad for her, but mostly I felt sad of this hypocrisy: “Let’s help people, but let’s kick out the one who can’t spend the budget as mandated by our nice and kind donor” Well… it was just my cynical thought… But… ehmm… well … in humanitarian field, hypocrisy exists… (So sorry… I am just trying to be fair and honest).

But, World Pulse has given me faith that there are still good people who truly care. That’s why I always login, and reading the stories! World Pulse knows well how to take benefit from technology, to spread peace, passion, and love all over the world!

Bless you, Friends! Rachael, Lydia, Jade, Scott, and other heart (hard)-worker friends at World Pulse, and also bless you, all of the applicants! Your voices are wonderful! Keep on working, keep on fighting… but don’t forget to have fun! (Remember that title: “What’s the point of revolution if we can’t dance?”. This is also for World Pulse teams! Don’t forget to dance at the office, friends!)

(Volunteerism is always good! It empowers us… And, I almost forget how good it is! But, my unemployment times remind me of that good feeling! :D)

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Hi irima,

compliment of the season, It's nice of you to post this, it is precuilar to many of us. I love it, World Pulse is transforming and am one of those that have been empowered in world pulse and am grateful to Jensin and all the friends on WP.

How are you friend and hope is your country. Am processing to register my organization with the name real concern for gender development. It will be nice to receive assistance from you in any form either resource materials or linkages that can assist me have a solid foundation on women development.


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''