Rihanna forgave Chris Brown

Isabel Garcia Ajofrin
Posted March 12, 2009 from Spain

Many women felt jealous of Rihanna and Chirs Brown's relationship some months ago.These two singers were young, famous and sexy and they looked love each other as only some lucky people can do.

But that perfect love story changed one day and it did forever. On 8 February, one day before Grammy award ceremony, Chris Brown attacked her girlfriend, she had to go to the hospital because of the injuries, and Chris Borwn sexiness tourned off for many fans and for many marketing companies.

It seems the attack made Rihanna finished the relationship but that break didnt last long. After many gossips in the media and some days on vacation at P.Diddy's mansion in Miami, what includes a secret wedding, Rihanna forgave the R&B singer, but the perfect love story will never come back.

In Spain, almost everyday a woman is died by her boyfriend or ex and this problem happens all around the world. The cause can be found easily: a male chauvenist education that does not treat women and men equal. Rihanna is free to take their own decitions but she cannot forget she is an idol for many young people and they wrong decitions can be follow by other young women.

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