Ishaya Albert
Posted August 28, 2015 from Nigeria

"'The women’s cause is not nonsensical or unimportant, as some national and traditional leaders deemed it to be. If reasonable attention had been paid to the women’s cause worldwide, the world would not have been as horrible as it is. I always cite the example of educational development, the primary and secondary levels. Who on earth can invalidate the norm and role of the Parent-Teacher Association [PTA] in a school system? I reckon nobody! “But if I may ask, how many people on earth today are aware that the PTA itself was initially a women’s – mothers’ – cause started by women and then it was hijacked and changed to have the look it bears? Is there any person, community, society, or nation that has not benefited from a school’s PTA? Or is there any that has any regret over the proliferation of PTA ideas in both public and private schools across cultures? But why, then, do many people treat women’s cause with disdain?..."' an excerpt

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