About Me: =Extra Edge Co. General Manager Extra Edge for printing Services Extra Edge for Adv. & Marketing Extra Edge for Exhibition, conference and event 1.Samsung star event prmotion 2.Gold & watch Expo( The first exhibition of gold jewelry,2008) 3.Beauty Expo( Organize the first exhibition of Beauty contains the events The most beautiful bride, Best Hannah, Best Makeup, Best hairstyle. 4.HSE Form (conference & Exhibition), Department of Environment and the Ministry of Energy Safety 2008,2009,2010

=ayam wa lyali magazime -مجلة أيام وليالي Editor/ Marketing Director 1. Still standing where U R My pages per month that we communicate with readers inside the magazine

=Beauty Section for Women Preparation and coordination *models *Preparing for filming *Supervise the editorial article

My Passions: reading-writer-sport-Self Development

My Challenges: End education and sensitize of young women

My Vision for the Future: Director of alumni and to help prisoners- Created magazine for success

My Areas of Expertise: Adv., events,Exhbition confernce ,Editor/ Marketing Director

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