Ismat Nishu
Posted March 4, 2010 from New Zealand

More than 750,000 teenagers become pregnant every year and among them 420,000 give birth. Teen pregnancy is one of the rampant problems that do not have any boundary all over the world. It is an alarming social issue. Teen pregnancy has various causes which lead to many severe problems that are needed to be solved. There are several factors which causes teen pregnancy. In TV serials, movies and dramas “open sex” is widespread. Popular celebrities who are the “fashion icon” of the teenagers, their attitude, dress up, and seductive styles influence teenagers a lot. according to Rand Corp “Teens who were exposed to high levels of television sexual content (90th percentile) were twice as likely to experience a pregnancy in the subsequent 3 years, compared with those with lower levels of exposure (10th percentile)” . Moreover, teenager is an exciting life between childhood and youth. In this part of life they become very curious about everything, especially about the banned issues. Sex is one of the ‘hot’ issues which teenagers want to experience. On the top of that, teenagers do not have enough knowledge about safe sex. Because of not taking any prevention for pregnancy during sex, a teen girl became pregnant very quickly. Teen pregnancy is a threat not only for the teenagers but also for the whole society. Medline plus says, most of the time teenage mothers do not get any prenatal care. So the ‘teen mother’ faces numerous difficulties during giving birth of a baby including high blood pressure and early birth. In addition, because of lack of enough knowledge about pregnancy ‘teen mother’ does not eat nutrias food and takes drugs. Consequently, they give birth to babies with malnutrition. Moreover, teenagers are future of a country. If a teenage gets pregnant that has a harmful impact on her career. As an example, they lose interest in study and work. As a result, teen pregnancy leads to teen violence. Though it is a long process to get rid of teen pregnancy, there are several ways to solve it. Sex is not an expelled topic to hide from teenagers. First of all, teenager should have a good knowledge about sex, so that they can make the best decision about having sex. As a model, high schools can incorporate ‘sex education’ as their regular curriculum. Secondly, parents and they should be compatible. Parents must have good understanding with their children, so that they can discuss about sex easily and make teenagers to prevent from insecure sex. Medline plus declare “Parents may be able to mitigate the influence of this sexual content by viewing with their children and discussing these depictions of sex.” Finally, the government needs to legislate strict laws for the teenagers about accessing in “pornographic” website and watching ‘hot’ movies. . ‘Teen pregnancy’ is a problem about which the society must be really concern. The horrifying news is that due to ‘teen pregnancy” a country can get only ‘lame’ citizens. .There is various causes of teen pregnancy which should be solved very urgently. It is the high time to take suitable steps to save our teenagers from this “darkness’. So, why are we waiting for? Let us go for solving this problem right now!

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  • Jade Frank
    Mar 05, 2010
    Mar 05, 2010

    Hi Ismat,

    Welcome to PulseWire. We are thrilled to have you as a new member in our thriving community of women who are lifting their voices in the name of empowerment and connecting across borders to make positive change for women everywhere!

    Thank you for bringing up the important topic of teen pregnancy. I agree in that education is a big factor - sex education that starts at a young age and educating teens on how to protect themselves.

    Though in a much broader, global perspective, I think the issue of teen pregnancy must be looked at as a gender issue - in that woman are not considered equal to men and giving birth as a teen in many cultures is the norm.

    I'm so glad that you brought up this urgent topic and I hope that you will continue to share your voice through your PulseWire journal!

    Warm regards, Jade

  • Ismat Nishu
    Mar 07, 2010
    Mar 07, 2010

    Dear Jade, First of all thanks for welcoming me as well as reading my writing. I agree with you that giving birth of child is a norm in many societies. However, in the world rules and norm are to be break. we will try to flow this norm in a positive way. Thanks again

    Regards, nishu

  • Sharese
    Mar 11, 2010
    Mar 11, 2010

    Welcome to WorldPulse! Your introduction was very inspiring. It makes me want to call you up and go get some tea with you and just talk about the world. Women who have strong voices need to be heard- I am glad that you are here so that we can hear yours.

    This subject matter of teenage pregnancy is such an interesting one, thank you for shedding light on it. This line especially rang true: teenager should have a good knowledge about sex, so that they can make the best decision about having sex. I think that we should have sex education that incorporates abstinence and definitely emphasises is but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't tell students and young people what sex is. So often adults do not trust young people to be able to make decisions for themselves.

    We are starting an initiative here in Jamaica that is focused around Teen Sexuality. I am hoping that more of what you wrote in this article will be incorporated into talking about sex here in this country. As it stands now there seems to be a dichotomy of either a young person is completely naive to sex and is told abstainance only or the young person is completely inundated with sex and exposed to all forms via music, television, their parents, etc. There is also a high prevalance of rape here (about 50% of women have been sexually assaulted in some form in their lifetime- usually before the age of 18).

    This conversation spans the globe and is definitely an important one! Thanks for shedding some light in your article. Keep your voice heard- it is needed and appreciated! I look forward to reading more.

    Much Peace,