As I’ve told in previous stories of my life, I am from the lower class and live in a favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. There exists internet cafes a ways from my house and I am in the process of learning how to be literate on the computer. To be more literate on the computer, I must first find a way to get more access to a computer, in this era of communication in which we live. I need to find a way to make a proposal for a donated computer because here in the community I live in I remain fearful of walking to internet cafes because of the heightened gunfire battles we are currently suffering in the drug trafficking war. When I write for World Pulse I use the internet at work and ask someone to type for me and then my daughter sends it from her email. One day I imagine having a beautiful house, not a mansion, but a simple, small house that is in a more secure area. I imagine doing the necessary things inside my house to have a computer so I can frequently communicate and make these travels through the internet. I love being in contact with World Pulse although I am dependent on people to help me use the internet to stay in contact. It makes me feel very grateful to all of the people who are willing to help me overcome this barrier so that I do not lose this chapter in history in which I love participating in.

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Your commitment and hopes are out in the world waiting for fruition. I love reading your posts- keep writing- I will be listening.

Warm wishes,



Your determination to be heard is really inspiring and must be applauded. Indeed the world is becoming a global village and lets keep sharing.



Dear Ivaldete, Your energy will bring you where you want, I wish you good luck on your personal path! Hopefully, in a near future you will be able to live in a more secure area and be able to express more what you have inside you. All the best, Brigitte

Dear Ivaldete,

I am so happy to have been your listener this week! This chapter in history is one that no one should be denied participation, and I hope that you continue to strive towards your goals. Thank you for sharing!

All my best, Amelia