Hi everyone,

On submitting my last assignment in the Voices of Our Future, I felt very emotional, dwelling on the last 4 weeks spent here and remembering all the stories I read, all the knowledge I gained, all the inspiration and motivation I received from the wonderful women posting and opening their hearts, all the friends I got, all the support and encouragement starting from the editorial staff, listeners, participators and everyone else. A thousand thank you would not serve enough honor for everything you did and the least I can do is to continue fighting - fighting for my vision, fighting for our vision.

I feel the passion surrounding me when I open World Pulse and that fire keeps me going and makes me write, fight, think, act - even much more than before. This experience has been life-changing and a lot more than what I initially expected when enrolling in the program.

I want to share something with you - go to the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53yuF64UgSM&feature=player_embedded.

Hopefully, this might be an inspiring 2 minutes of your day!

Love, Ivana