A big travel is a big trouble

Posted January 4, 2011 from Bolivia

I want to share a story with you about me because some people told me it was interesting and thy told me that I have to write it so I’m going to use those suggestions.

This begins in my country when I was before travel with my mom. I wasn’t taking care about the things around me because I thought everything was done and my mom was taking care about all. When we were in the airport few minutes before travel to US I realized that we didn’t do everything because they ask us about a permission we needed to travel outside of the country. Me, my grandma and my mom were so angry with them but we couldn’t do something more than talk with them and ask how we can fi that and obviously like a normal teenager I was crying almost all the afternoon.

Everything was going harder and harder because my mom had to travel that day and my dad wasn’t with me because we live in a city call Tarija and the international airport is in La Paz so I had to talk to my dad and he had to do all the hard work with the documents alone while I was crying trying to talk to my mom.

Three days after my dad gave me the permission and my mom was in New York waiting for me and my grandma was afraid for me (like my dad and my brother) because at that day I had to travel alone in my first international travel and because I’m a teenager I don’t pay many attention in all the things so they were more afraid. That day in the afternoon I have learned that I don’t have judge the things my grandma do because my grandma was looking for someone who was going to the same place so she talked to a woman but she was going to Mexico but she was going in the same plain I was going to Lima to go to New York.

After the flight she talked to me and told me that my grandma talked with her and she knew almost the all story about my travel and she wait with me for a long time because my flight was at 1:00 am so I couldn’t sleep because if I did it I was going to lose my flight. When you travel alone all the thing can’t go very well all the time because that’s totally difficult.

So while I was waiting I saw the time of my flight supposed to be arriving and it said that the flight was delayed and it was going to go at 2:00 am so the woman who I was with went with e to ask the reason why it was delayed and they told us the reason (I don’t remember the reason) but they said too that my flight wasn’t for that day it was for a day after and I had to look for a place to sleep , but thanks God to that woman because she was traveling with some guys who work with people of the consulate of NYC and they talked with the woman in the desk and she was trying to give a place in the plain and fortunately SHE DID IT because I was crying (again)and I thing she felt bad be I just have 13 and I couldn’t do those things by myself .

After we fix the problem I went to the plain and it was the best flight ever because I was starting to relax while I was sleeping.

The other interesting part was when i was in the JFK airport because everybody was talking in English and normally I speak Spanish. I felt like I was in a movie because it didn’t feel real and I was like looking for the subtitles to understand whatever they were saying.

After I understood what was happening, because the airport was and is the biggest airport I’ve ever been, some Latin people who work there help me to look for my bag and even that was amazing because there was so many bags that I had to wait like 20 minutes to claim my bag. After that I felt like I was in home especially for 2 things: first because my mom was there and she and I were crying because we were together and the second because I always wanted to be there and I still want to be there but this time to live there.

While I was in the taxi I felt again like in a dream because for me it wasn’t like real even the taxi was totally different I have seen. In the taxi I couldn’t see to my mom or to her friend because I was more worry to see how the city was, so I was in the looking everything and my face was in the window and my mom was talking to me but I can’t remember very well because I was totally distracted.

That’s all I’m going to say for this time because in another article I’m going to tell you how I felt staying there for a all week and how I felt in the other states in the US

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  • Jennifer Yi
    Dec 01, 2012
    Dec 01, 2012

    Hi Jackie,

    This must of been frightening. I'm glad things turned out ok. Traveling to another country by yourself is nerve wrecking. I traveled to Australia from the US a few years ago - But I was 25 and I was going to another English speaking country. So it wasn't too bad. But I was still very nervous. You are so brave!