Every morning when I was 9yrs old, I had a habit of speaking loudly to the mirror as if giving a speech; on an imaginary stage I imitated famous presenters in the world. To amplify my voice, my shoe or a tooth brush will be the microphone. My speech and singing will wake up my family and this will satisfy me. Someone heard my voice.

I am the ‘Bronze born’ in a family of 7 children. Our last born is male; the list of girls would be endless until when a male child is born. At 10 years old in primary school, I joined the theatre club, winning district and national awards for the school for best poet and actress. I also joined the Kenya Girl Guide Association movement that allowed me to offer community services. My involvements continued in high school, where my article in a journalist club, blew a whistle on sexual harassment from a male teacher.

Mom and Dad tested HIV positive in 2003 and responsibilities shifted. I had to use my gained skills to fund my college and support my siblings. Challenges are temporary and should take us to the next level. I was enrolled in a national TV drama and volunteered to facilitate sessions for community groups in HIV prevention, care and support, sexual and reproductive health issues. I started writing personal journals and poems. Population Services International hired my services in the Maternal Child Health program and currently, in the Sexual and gender based violence program in one of the Africa biggest slum, Kibera. I was born to serve my community through listening to their issues, assist them to recognize and accept the problem, causes, consequences, take them through a cost benefit analysis for prevention and lastly, to trigger commitment to change.

My personal story was published in a national newspaper once and the journalist referred me to PulseWire community. The women faces on the website touched my soul! PulseWire is my first blog that will only focus on women issues. My goal for the blog is to achieve high profile visibility thereby ensuring that discussions that take place at the household, school, village, street level are amplified into the chambers of those who have the responsibility to listen and the power to act to make a difference in the lives of young and older women. Voice of Our Future (VOF) has unveiled my eyes to share stories. It allows me to speak up, express myself and amplify the right positive voice and reduce the negative voices into whispers.

VOF is that imagery stage and shoe that I improvised into a microphone when I was 9 years ago.

I will share pages of my journal that talks about the heroes in my community. VOF is already introducing me to amazing ambassadors of Change that caused me to arise. Nelson Mandela once said that “sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. You can be that generation”. VOF is that generation that cares.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Journey and Vision.

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hello jacky,

you have a very positive future really. i admire your courage and commitments to be of service to the needy most especially you become a whistle blower which require a lot of guts.

more power to you!

Jacky thanks a lot,always remember that aside from your community folks there are outside of your country who cares for you and it is me as well as women in the community whom I give/share my services.

Take care always.

I like very much how you rounded up the story of your brave life so far with that imagery of WorldPulse and VOF being the stage and shoe that you improvised into a microphone at 9 years old. You have a beautiful gift for telling inspiring stories!

Thank you for your sharing.


"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." - Anais Nin

VOF is the Shoe.

Inspirational. You have had to encounter many hurdles in your life and you are a strong woman. Your writing explains you so well.

Jacky, I think you are an inspiring and courageous woman exposing the sexual harassment of the teacher and then later on finding the time and opportunities to study and develop yourself while at the same time having to work and take care of your siblings. And despite all the challenges, you keep such a positive attitude.

I loved how you started with the image of a small Jacky holding a tooth brush as microphone giving a speech in front of the mirror. I sincerely hope you will use World Pulse as your stage to tell your stories and share your messages with the world!

Thank you for sharing your story with us!


Thank you all once again for sharing your stories, and more so, your motivational comments!

Myrthe: They say that a relaxed attitude lengthen your life. We always tell ourselves with the girls that, we have gone too far to give up now. Thanks for your blessings.

SLaw: I send you sparkles, may you continue to be that shining star!

Grace with Fire: Actually, thanks for your graceful comments. Keep the fire burning for women to continue shaping our communities.

Nyambura: We should always call 'challenges'...opportunity since they always take you to the next level which is always the thinking stage I can say. I never knew that one day I would find a platform to share opinions, network with awesome people like you, amazing projects, take part in trainings and community dialogues, all because of finding a local solution!

Hats off to you all !!!