Ready! for S.O.U.L.

Julie Collura
Posted March 25, 2015 from United States

This summer, I partner with two wonderful organizations, People-Places-Things ( and S.O.U.L. Foundation (, to bring English language training to women in rural southeastern Uganda. P-P-T trains English speakers to use real world materials to teach language and build community. S.O.U.L. fosters communities through partnerships focused on education and women's empowerment. I designed an English language curriculum specific for the women in S.O.U.L.'s business cooperatives. I'll be on the ground for one month, teaching classes and training Ugandans to teach their neighbors, thereby establishing a sustainable program that will continue after I leave.

Although the classes and the teacher-training program will be open to the entire community, my focus will be economic empowerment for women and girls. Even though English is an official language in Uganda, girls, especially in rural areas, tend to leave school earlier than boys, and therefore, may lack strong language skills. Learning English will give the women the tools and the confidence to succeed in business and in life. And, because Ugandans will teach and learn from each other, we’ll strengthen community bonds and give the people ownership of the program.

All money raised goes toward the costs of implementing this program, including airfare, room and board, and student supplies. I will provide project updates from the ground in my journal. Let's empower individuals and foster community.

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