What does Land mean to you?

Does it evoke images of the dusty streets you walked down as a child or memories of the sacred land you grew up on? Does your mind wander to property rights or the importance of respecting the earth? Maybe you have a broader definition of the word and recall a time you landed on your feet after taking a leap of faith. However you interpret the meaning of Land, World Pulse wants to hear from you!

World Pulse is pleased to announce an exciting, new opportunity to be published in the next edition of our print magazine, Earth, which showcases women leaders who are protecting and restoring the planet's ecosystems. We are asking women around the world, and their allies, to tell us what Land means to them.

This opportunity kicks off a new feature in our magazine called My Story. My Story highlights personal stories of women around the world describing pivotal experiences in their lives, in their own words.

Everyone who participates will self-publish their story on our social networking website, PulseWire, and 6-8 stories will be chosen for publication in the Spring 2010 edition of World Pulse Magazine. If your story is selected you will also receive a complimentary copy of the magazine.

Do YOU have a powerful, personal story about Land?

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Dearest Jade, Namaskar, I have no idea, I have powerful story or not however, I giving a try to write. I am going ot post sometimes on this weekend. thank you so much for proving us another opportunities. Finally at last but not the least, how are you?

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Hi Sunita,

I know that YOU have a powerful story! I have heard bits and pieces of your life story through your assignments and journals here on PulseWire and I have felt the power of your voice and of your life. I encourage you to write something for this submission drive. What does Land mean to you Sunita?

You can read some of the other submissions here: http://www.worldpulse.com/taxonomy/term/6546

I am well thanks! I have so enjoyed watching you grow through your empowerment process and journalism training through VOF. I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished! And I feel so fortunate to be friends and continue to hear your beautiful voice here on PulseWire.

Love, Jade