New Writing Opportunity to Have Your Voice Heard

Jade Frank
Posted October 29, 2009 from United States

Welcome to the My Story: Land group!

Have you submitted your entry to be considered for publication in the Spring 2010 edition of World Pulse Magazine?

This next edition, Earth, will showcase women leaders who are protecting and restoring the planet's ecosystems. If your story is chosen, your work will appear alongside these visionary women.

We are looking for short, personal stories on the topic of Land. Our selections will include a balance of submissions that represent voices from around the world and a variety of interpretations on the topic.

What does Land mean to you? Does it evoke images of the dusty streets you walked down as a child or memories of the sacred land you grew up on? Does your mind wander to property rights or the importance of respecting the earth? Maybe you have a broader definition of the word and recall a time you landed on your feet after taking a leap of faith.

Click here to find out how to be a part of this exciting opportunity. We will use this group to make announcements, offer support and create a space for you to ask any questions you might have.

Do YOU have a powerful, personal story about Land?

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