99 Submissions!

Jade Frank
Posted November 16, 2009 from United States

The My Story deadline has passed and we received a total of 99 submissions from 36 different countries, including regions that are not often heard from like Moldova, Georgia and Kyrgystan. For me it has been a really eye-opening experience to read how so many different women from around the world interpret the word "Land" and describe their own relationship and experience in it.

Thank you all for your incredible support in welcoming the new members to PulseWire and leaving such detailed and supportive comments for those who submitted. It is a joy to watch as you nurture our community and model a culture of support and respect that will only spread as we continue to grow.

Scott and I will be sending out the evaluation materials later this week so we can begin whittling this incredible group of 99 down to the 6-8 that will appear in the Spring 2010 print edition of World Pulse Magazine.

Your task for the rest of this week is to continue commenting on the submissions so that each story on Land has at least three comments. I also encourage you to continue actively participating in the community.

Thank you again for you participation as a Listener and stay tuned for the evaluation phase.

In gratitude, Jade

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