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Jade Frank
Posted February 5, 2010 from United States
Philippe Leroyer
Philippe Leroyer
Philippe Leroyer (1/1)

As you may have read in this month's Power of the Pulse, we are kicking off a series of Action Blogging Campaigns in efforts to rally the PulseWire community around topics that matter to you and with real actions to take.

In response to Uganda's anti-gay bill which is slated to come before parliament in late February or early March, the theme for the first campaign is LGBT Rights. This initiative was sparked by PulseWire member Gertrude Pswarayi of Zimbabwe, who asked if there was a way to survey the PulseWire community on the topic of sexual minorities. We wanted to take it a step further - and not only ask the community for feedback, but to also provide the space to rally our voices for change and take it straight to the Ugandan parliament.

I invite you to participate in this community campaign - to use your voice as an instrument for change. If you're in the LGBT community, if you're a gay rights activist, if your son or daughter - brother sister or father is gay, if you believe in human rights for all, if you're not sure what LGBT Rights means and you want to ask an activist about the issues, if you're scared of what could happen in Uganda and around the world if we don't stand up now, if you've been personally attacked for being gay, or witnessed violence on the bus or at work, in your own family or just heard about it in the news... we want to hear from you!

Let's get talking and see where our discussions lead. And let's take action and see how far our voices can carry.

Visit the Action Blogging Campaign program page to learn more. Remember to tag your journal with "Action LGBT" to add your voice to the cause.

In solidarity, Jade

Online Community Manager World Pulse

LGBT Rights

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