Join the Campaign - Say NO to Gender Based Violence!

Jade Frank
Posted July 12, 2010 from United States

Did you hear? This month on PulseWire, we are exercising our voices on a united front for ending gender based violence. By writing our own personal experiences of violence against women both endured and observed, sharing our solutions for breaking the cycles, and taking actions both internationally and in our own communities - we are taking a stand.

World Pulse has partnered with Man Up, a global campaign to activate youth to stop violence against women and girls. On July 5-11, the Man Up Campaign pioneered their very first global summit to stop violence against women and girls during the World Cup in Johannesburg, South Africa. The young ‘delegates’ that participated are at the helm of the movement, leveraging the strength of their communities and working with international partners and local grassroots organizations to build long-term, sustainable change in their home countries.

We invite you - our community of grassroots women leaders and supporters of women's initiatives - to weigh in with your voices and help shape the global plan to end gender based violence. Jimmie Briggs, the founder of Man Up, invites PulseWire members to, "Use your journals for sharing personal and observed experiences of violence against women, in any form. Share your ideas and suggested solutions so we can include your voices to ensure the success of the Man Up campaign."

We have already heard from sisters in Nigeria, Bolivia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Kenya. We've heard about honor killings in India and Pakistan, peace education practices from a Somali sister and one's woman's plan to initiate workshops on ending violence against women in her community in Cameroon. Read their voices and join the discussion.

Join the group, Ending Gender Based Violence, to connect with other activists. Here you'll find a safe space to share your voice on gender-based violence issues, exchange ideas for the campaign, draw support from the community and learn about issues and urgent actions from women worldwide.

How is your grassroots organization working to end violence against women? In what ways are women in your community abused? What is your plan for taking action to end gender based violence within your family, school, workplace or community? How has violence affected your life?

Use your journal as an instrument for change. Be sure to tag your journal, "Action GBV" and your voice will be added to the campaign.

To learn more, visit the Action Blogging Campaign - Ending Gender Based Violence page. Here you can read Jimmie Brigg's letter to the community, connect with women in our community who are leading activists, learn about petitions you can sign to support women's rights, and jump into action!

As individuals, our voices have significance, but bound together as a global community of grassroots women leaders, our voices and actions have POWER!

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  • ArtByMia
    Sep 13, 2010
    Sep 13, 2010

    Thank you!!! This is a wonderful way to learn, share and communicate with women all over the world to share our voices and experiences. I am an advocate for womens rights and have produced many of activities to stop the violence against women. I think thru education and awareness we can eventually build a trust and partnership with our counter parts.

    The importance of women on this earth must be recognized, achnowledged and appreciated. With exposure of the many atrocities to women we can come together for change and build a stronger more supportive community around the world.

    Thank yu again for posting such an informative and supportive article. I will indeed take it, learn from it and share it.

    In Unity, Mia