Dearest PulseWire Advisory Council Members,

I know that it has been several months since I called on you. The PulseWire community has been surging with new members sharing their voices and stories with the world as the Voices of Our Future application process wrapped up its final assignments last week. It is exciting to look through the applicants and image the next class of correspondents who will take this powerful journey and lead our community through their reporting and excitement for global collaboration and change!

Looking at the faces in this council, there are several Voices of Our Future graduates who have gone on to do great things to lead women worldwide, who have continued to stay active on PulseWire, and serve on this council. These women I speak of are Busayo, Dando, Dr. Edonna, Gifty, Halima, Jackie, Khushbu, Anjana, Malayapinas, Lindy, Nusrat, Olutosin and Sunita.

And our other council members, who are equal leaders in holding up the community with your strength, voice and support of each other as we walk together in the world and lift women's voices from the ground up.

I call upon you today for several reasons.

First: Our Community Board Member and PulseWire Advisory Council leader, Halima Rahman, will be attending her second World Pulse board meeting next week. She continues to represent the voice of the PulseWire community at the boardroom table, and I ask that you bring your voices forward this week so that she has your wisdom, support and strength behind her for the meeting. I encourage you to post a journal in this group, leave a comment, or send Halima a private message to express your wishes, needs or ideas for the direction and growth of World Pulse.

Second:Next week we will be sending out a community-wide PulseWire survey to learn more about our community and in which ways we can better serve our members. One of these questions is focused on PulseWire from a technology viewpoint, and in which ways we can develop the site to make it more user friendly, multi-media rich, and truly the center of communication for the women's movement. Some exciting features that we are hoping to implement in the next year include:

  1. Knowledge Library - resource to access tools and reference materials on specific topics (ex. Fundraising)
  2. Multimedia Sharing - video and photo sharing feature
  3. World Pulse mobile interface - allowing for those accessing the Internet via cellphone to connect more easily
  4. Advanced Search - allowing members to search the Member Directory by different variables (country, area of expertise, etc)
  5. Voice posting - audio journals that allow members to call-in a journal post
  6. Hub pages - topic or region specific areas that show all related journals, groups, expert members, etc

What am I missing from the list? What other features are vital for the growth and success of PulseWire? What would make your experience in the community more worthwhile? What new features could create more success stories for you or for other women in the community?

Tell me your ideas, your needs and your dreams for the PulseWire community!

In love, friendship and solidarity, Jade

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That is some great news.

I would love to have some features in my journal so that posting becomes easy, like spell check, colours, higlighting. I mean a lot of MS Word features, like they are in gmail. Word has totally spoiled me :))))

I have been missing u all.


With best wishes, 

Nusrat Ara

WorldPulse Community Champion 

Environment Group 

Thanks for this important note Nusrat! This has been on our list of needs, and now that our tech team is growing, we can finally add some of these much needed features. I will share your need with the team, so that we can be sure to prioritize it in the plan.

It's great to see you in the community again. We have been missing you too!

Love, Jade

Dearest Zoneziwoh,

It's so wonderful to hear from you! I'm glad that you're still exciting to be an active member of this council, and I hope that you will continue to raise your voice to lead the PulseWire community!

In friendship and solidarity, Jade

Hi Jade! Thank you for posting this. Again Big Big Cheers and Congratulation for the great success of the 2010 Voices of the Future training program! WP did it again for the second time.

I's so happy for Halima's active participation in the Board Meeting. How I wish we could have also a summary of what were discussed during the first Board Meeting as well the agenda for the second Board Meeting. These could give us picture of what is going on and we can give some of our comments or proposals.

More power to all of us!

love, Malayapinas

Dearest Malaya,

YES! It has been incredible to witness the next class of VOF emerge and just to think of what will be possible through their journey. When I think about the mountains moved by your class or correspondents, I often think I'm dreaming. I cannot wait to meet you in person so very soon!

Thank you raising this important issue, which I have sent along to the board for consideration and they will be discussing tomorrow. I think that one concern, is that our groups on PulseWire are not private, meaning that anyone can enter this group and read the posts. You have to be a group member to make a post in a group, but not to read the group journal. This is something that we're working to create - completely private groups - so until then it may be difficult. But I will let you know what they decide in the meeting.

Thank you for continuing to lead this community!

Lots of love, Jade

Hi ! Thank you for the reply. I'm excited to see you too! I'm going to New york tomorrow to meet Jeanne my loving mentor. Excited to see her and the tour. Had a good time here at Seattle - just sad that I was not able to visit you there Portland. But pretty sure we could be together and have fun.

Okey, don't worry if my suggestion is not possible at this point in time - I do understand - .Though, I'm very much willing to give my suggestions if needed to specific areas of concern. You can send it to me in my email.

Excited to see you!

Hugs, Malaya