Greetings Listeners!

World Pulse is back with a new call for entries for our popular My Story department. We’re asking women to submit personal stories about “Miracles”—however they interpret this—for a chance to be published in our upcoming print magazine, themed Spirit.

We know the stories are out there. Moments that transcend our day-to-day experience. Experiences that make us step back, breathe deeply, feel grateful, and open us up to the possibility around us. Selected entries will be featured in My Story, the section of World Pulse Magazine where women around the world share their personal stories describing pivotal experiences in their lives, in their own words, and the top three stories will be rewarded a $100 honorarium. Learn more about My Story:

Similar to our Voices of Our Future Application process, we will need a team of Listeners to evaluate the stories, offer support and encouragement to the women who participate, and to help our Editorial Department select the best stories for publishing in our next print magazine.

This volunteer opportunity spans the month of February, with 3 hours/week for the first half of the month, and a maximum of 5 hours/week for the second half.

If this is something you are interested in participating in, please complete the Listener Inquiry Form by February 1, 2011. Once you have submitted your form, we will send more information regarding the opportunity.

Thank you for your continued support of World Pulse and the voices and visions of women worldwide!

In gratitude,

Jade Frank Online Community Manager World Pulse

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Great question Mia,

Unfortunately, no. You cannot be a Listener and also submit a story for the contest. So if you are interested in submitting something, I would recommend holding off on this particular volunteer opportunity, and you can always join in the next time!

Cheers, Jade