What excites me the most about Web 2.0 is that I will be equipped with skills which will enable me to speak out and share my thoughts and stories with others and this would contribute towards better society and world. I have space to speak with assurance that there are people out there listening to me! I look forward to learn a lot from others and also forge ahead together where possible. Web 2.0 provides an opportunity and space to share ideas and views and connect with other people. I have never done journalism or have ever written an article! But because of Web 2.0 I am on the way towards that! Through Web 2.0 I am confident that I will be able to reach out to the other women from different cultural background.

Web 2.0 is indeed a tool for advocacy that helps women who are voiceless to speak out and give their contribution to build the society. Women needs space and Web 2.0 is providing one! Most of the time our governments, policy makers and other people or agencies pretend to know our issues and go out there speak on our behalf without our participation and contribution. But Web 2.0 not only empower women from the grassroots level but also give them space to speak for themselves on their issues and suggests way forward hence they take in charge of their situation. Web 2.0 provides a platform for women to interact, network and learn from one another as well as encouraging one another. Women are skilled and they have a lot to offer, they have power and compassion that would contribute towards social change hence Web 2.0 help women to bring out their potentiality and creativity and use them for social change.

Web 2.0 has already given me opportunity to hear from other women, and get to know their experiences and this is very encouraging. It made me realize how much we have women- heroes among ourselves who should have not being known if Web 2.0 was not in existence. Also through Web 2.0 I will be able to share with others my ideas and also will be able to work with others. I will be able to contribute towards bringing out some of the issues that women are facing but which are overlooked as well as make the world know some the achievement of women in social change through information sharing. " The only way to let the world know what is happening, is trough speaking out!"

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Dear Jado,

Your enthusiasm for Web 2.0 shines through in your assignment! It would be wonderful to hear more about some examples of what you have done so far with Web 2.0--who have you connected with? What cultural or communication barriers is it helping you to overcome? I would also love to know about how you might be able to use Web 2.0 to specifically help women in Kenya. Are there issues where you live that you'd like people to know about?

Kind regards,


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Dear Jado,

Wow, you speak about 2.0 with so much energy! I agree with you, women have so much power and compassion which could bring a lot to the world and the way it progresses, if we could find ways to unite more, and find the confidence to actualize our thoughts and ideas on how to create change for a more peaceful and fairer world. What sort of issues would you like to bring out that you feel are currently overlooked, and what would you like to happen once those issues are given more visibility? I would love to hear more.

Take care!