It is really amazing to see how I discovered World Pulse!

I am a Rwandese woman and a survivor of Rwanda civil war of 1994. My dreams have been always to study and be useful to the community. But because of the war things did not turn out well, I wasted many years rebuilding my life again. While in Kenya God gave me another opportunity to go for higher education and I am doing Community Development. I would want to become a Community Development Worker. Our people in communities have knowledge, and know their problems and can take care of themselves but they lack good guidance and facilitation. They do not need people who speak on their behalf because they have their powerful voices, but they need people who could accompany them and advise them properly. People who could help them to see opportunities and make better use of them. I would want to contribute towards safer and peaceful community.

At the same time, after seeing what happened in Rwanda and especially the role young people played during the genocide, I developed this passion of working with young people especially helping them to become peace ambassadors. With the job I am doing with a Christian Organization, in 2005, I introduced “Youth in Peacebuilding Programme" where youth are being equipped with skills in peacebuilding and conflict transformation as well as entrepreneurship so that youth can be able to become economically self dependent. we train them and they go home to train others. This would stop manipulation of youth by selfish individuals as well as politicians. Peace and development goes together. Without peace there is no development and vice versa. That is why my focus is on development and peace.

Most of the time when I am on internet looking for scholarships and sponsorships for women in developing countries, opportunities for women in terms of trainings and also looking for jobs especially with these international originations! That is how I came across World Pulse and interestingly I noticed this training whose aim is to empower women! First of all I was not so sure whether I could go for it since I have never done journalism but after reading more about it, I realized that I could try it! I took time to read a number of articles from women where they are talking about their work, and I realize that this could be an opportunity for me to also learn and also share with others about a number of things. It was so interesting to see what women are doing out there in their communities, and realized that if this opportunity was not given to them no one was going to know what is happening there. Hence I said that this could be an opportunity for me to also share, network and learn from others. I saw this opportunity as an opening door that would enable me to also speak for myself. Together we can ensure safer and peaceful communities worldwide.

I thank God because I have now another good reason of being on the internet.: interracting with other women worldwide! I would want to be part of Women Voice for Change! Our voice is our force!

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In our life we get inspiration from many things, but to get inspired by the right thing to do the right work for the right cause is what matters the most! And you are the one who were inspired and working for the good cause!

To get inspired one doesnt have to be the victim or one doesn't have to suffer, one can be inspired by seeing other life's too.

You are doing the great job my friend!


Nilima from Nepal

Thank you for your comment.

it is very encouraging. I am also impressed by your determination since your childhood! I am aglad that you have interest in peace and development.


Great work sister !

From genocide to peace , you have transformed those young people's life from hell to heaven and yet to come . GOD bless you sister!


Sahar Nuraddin

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I am really inspired by your journal. The whole world witnessed what happened in Rwanda and it is encouraging to see young women rebuilding their lives and dedicating their lives to peace missions. I am really proud of you and I wish you can continue seeking peace for yourself and others. That's why I joined pulse wire, to find peace and I'm glad I did for today, I have the privilege to read your journal. Thank you Jado.

Rudzanimbilu Muthambi


Peace is very important and we need it. Conflicts are inevitable. We cannot a;aways agree on the same thing" we see this even from our families. But this should not lead to vilence. but wwe should to listen to one another and forge a way forward together. Peace is paramount. Peace should start within ourselves, in our heart! I am happy that you found peace.

Thank you Muthambi


It is very good to read that even after living through a genocide, you have found optimism for life, for peace, and for helping other people find their peace and live peacefully. It is inspiring and humbling. Good luck with the community development work, and thank you very much for sharing some of your story...



It is not easy to get involved in peace work especially that we are in dynamic society! Things keep changing and some times it becomes difficult what it has been done. its a challenge but there is hope. If we look around us especially in regions in counflicts we will realise that young people are victims and are also perpetrators! They are used to fight, destroy and carry out many horrible activities by selfish people, especially politicians! Once these individual have got what they were looking for they leave these young people to suffer. With this casesa of armed confilcts, there is the issue of proliferation of small arms and light weapons, and these arms are in the hands of young people. And they use those arms to survive by carrying out cruiminal activities. In Africa, or in my community, we always say that " Young people are tomorrow's leaders" when this tommorrow will come! How can we help young people right from the grassroot level i, in our families, communities, society, as women, so that we give them hope and they start dreaming and having vision at early age? In which areas women, mothers could invest in so that they secure the future and growth of these young people? Are women equipped enough to carry out this task of bring up a generation full of hope, love and peace! I know us women we have special gifts in us such as wisdom, care, love,... but are we skilled? How can we start building peace from within our heart, family, community,..... I need to hear from you all! It was a thought for today!


Dear Jado,

Thank you for the amazing work that you are doing with youth - you are changing their lives and the lives of those around them! I have read and studied much about the Rwandan genocide, but I could never know what you have been through. I can only commend you for your strength and perseverance, which has allowed you to survive the conflict and come out thriving and motivated to help others. I am so happy that your voice is now being heard through Web 2.0 because we can all learn so much from you.

I had the pleasure of reading your assignment for this week and was truly amazed by your strength and motivation. One small thing to watch out for is the word count of your assignments. I know it can be hard to limit the number of words you write when expressing your passion for something, but just keep in mind that the assignments do have word count requirements.

How do you see journalism fitting in with the work that you are doing right now? What impact do you think writing about child soldiers could have on communities? Perhaps you have a different idea for how journalism might support your vision for community development, which we would all love to hear! I look forward to reading more of your posts and thank you again for sharing your voice with us!

Best wishes,


Dear Alison,

Thank you for the comment. it is also good to know you have read about Rwanda and its history.

The problem of child solders is a big challenges to our communities.

I think juornalism can help in a big way . first of all by leting the world know about that problem and ackowledging it and its impact on youth in our societies.

it is also good to talk not only about what we have hard or told. It is also much better to see what is happening to be able to lobby with facts. Journalism is one of the best tool for advocay and awareness creation.

There are many programmes and projects on Desarmement, Demobilisation and Rehabilitation but the problem remain: If I return my gun, how am i going to survive? This means that there is need to come up with a better altenartive way of life for these young men and women. And this should be something lasting not just food in exchange of gun, what about tomorrow!

The other thing is that there is need to find out best practices so far so that others can be aware of them and learn from them and try what can work in their context.

There those who were rehabilitated. Do they have stories to tell? That is where Journalism come in again!

beleive Journalism can do a lot because this is a Powerful Voice!

That was today's thought!

Thank you


Dear Jado,

Thank you for sharing your personal story with us--it is inspiring! I would love to hear if you think you could use PulseWire to connect the youth you work with to a global audience? How are people in your community using Web 2.0 and social media in regards to peace-building--or are they? Keep up the great work!

Kind regards,


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Dear Rachael,

Thank you for the feedback.

I think this is a great idea to introduce the Youth we work with to PulseWire so that they can speak to the world! usually communication has been a challenge but at least with online community you can speak once in a while and you reach the greatest number of people .

Thank you