Initially Peter Waita,the boy standing in the picture was not my Project,I called him Project Andrew for a very long time,until i realized we are in this together.Ohh and before i go too far Andrew is my other half.

So most evening, he could come home n the first thing he said after greetings was,is their extra food? i have come with my Boy he is down their in the parking n because of my ethinic background -their is always extra food in the house in case a visitor comes in unannounced,yes thus how mama does it,back home in our small village ichambiri in western Kenya.

So we even got tired of giving him food to take to a stranger we dont know and we decided with ma house girl if he come with him today let them come upto the house and we share a meal,so that evening when i told him he can bring his boy up,he was shocked and reminded me that the boy wa pretty dirty bt i told him if they ride together in his car we can as well dine together,and so the boy was ushered in our house,the first time i saw him i was a bit shocked n i thought to myself if i had made the right decision,coz we have two young boys Havila and Hansel was barely 6months.

Naturally Havila embraced peter,they became tight, and because he was too dirty i now took the initiative to make him shower,change clothe then he can he can take the meals coz they used to share a meal with Havila.This cycle continued for a long time until i now even befriended peter and we could walk together at home in the evening and have supper,he no longer had to wait for Kevo(Andie).

As i was doing this, i became empty in my heart,i started figuring out,that it is a waste of time to give him a birth,good food and send him back to the streets for his shelter,it was during the Rainy seososn i grew desperate and i began a journey to look for a permanent shelter and some education for Peter.

He broke my heart into pieces,he really did....................................Kip it here for more,for now CHEERS

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