Free our people now - an ENIL/ECCL campaign
  • Free our people now - an ENIL/ECCL campaign

Social media through Web2.0 has made the world come alive. Everyday I make friends with people around the world. I learn of their experience and from their hardships. I join in their fights and feel like I belong to the world as a whole.

My first experience was with – The world in action. has been able to mobilize the world through the web with calls to action including the red shirt campaign for democracy and the Burmese monks. Through facebook we “the people” spread the word and then joined the demonstrations, demonstrations happened worldwide. It was incredible to experience the power of the media and to see for one’s self how quickly the message could be sent to people worldwide. Suddenly red shirts were everywhere. Vigils are another tool and I was able to organize a vigil for the climate meeting in Copenhagen in my town. Again using only the web, people were called together, made their posters and met on the world squares to show their support for our world.

On our square in a small city we were only about 20 people who gathered but the meeting gave warmth. It showed us that we are not alone to stand for the rights of people and to support our earth. We joined in songs, and really felt “We shall overcome”!

My organization is called ENIL-European Network on Independent Living. We are learning from these tools and mobilizing disabled people and their supporters. We want a better world. A world where there is no shame for someone who is different, someone missing a leg, an arm, sight or hearing. We want a better world with buildings that do not shut us out. We want a better world where disabled people have access to the services needed to be able to have full participation in this world that we all share together.

And my journey has led me to World Pulse and Voices of the Future! To be able to join women around the world, to have our voices heard and to support one another is an experience of JOY. We know that women are not enjoying an equal status in this world. We know that women are carrying heavy burdens when it comes to the raising of families. We know that women do not have the same opportunity to education and employment allowing them to be independent. But together we can change this! We can change this and Web 2.0 and social medias will make this difference. We can build this social network and mobilize one another. We can support one another during hard times and share the joy when we experience progress. Viva the web! And the women of this world!

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Empowerment and Web 2.0.

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This is beautiful....Just to inform you that I love you and your courage....web 2.0 is beautiful, I call it an international Microphone for the poor, rich, old and young ones.........for mobilization. Welldone girl, looking forward to read more from you.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

HI thanks for the encouragement. We all need it! Yes an international microphone is a good way to put it! All the best, Jamie

Jamie Bolling Executive Director - European Network on Independent Living skype: jamiebolling

Thank you for sharing this piece, Jamie!

I just visited the website you mentioned, What a powerful tool for mobilizing the world into action. I am inspired by the work you do through ENIL (I found your website online) and I would like to encourage you to continue the good work.

God bless!


HI glad to have been able to spread information on and on ENIL. Thanks for the encouragement! We need it! Good luck to you. Jamie

Jamie Bolling Executive Director - European Network on Independent Living skype: jamiebolling

This whole grassroots, democratic type of knowledge production really fascinates me! And the way you put it was simply beautiful!! The best of luck in your AMAZING work and always know you have literally a world of support behind you!

All the best,

Natasha Leite

HI thanks, good to know we have support. We are an organization of members and supportive members. If we are to change the world, we need to reach out to those outside our immediate networks, as change needs as many supporters as possible and best wishes, Jamie

Jamie Bolling Executive Director - European Network on Independent Living skype: jamiebolling

You have provided a great example of the power of the internet and social networking to achieve successful outcomes. It would be interesting to learn how this network can help assist achieving successful MDG outcomes in other parts of the world.

Hi yes MDGs are important and high on our agenda. And the question is how? We seem to be stopped that many do not even know what the MDGs are..... So much to do!

Jamie Bolling Executive Director - European Network on Independent Living skype: jamiebolling

Hi Jamie, I really enjoyed reading your article and the positive energy it resonates is refreshing! I found the title of your post to be quite catchy . The phrase “Social media mobilizes” is a powerful one and captures the significance of your personal experiences using Web 2.0 Thank you so much for sharing your work with us which informs us not only of efforts currently happening around the world but also reminds us of all that is possible in the future. Looking forward to reading more of your posts! Cheers Manvitha.

It is great to be able to find new channels to share information about Independent Living. We need to go beyond preaching to the already saved - as we say in Swedish, to finding the groups that are not aware of the issues, and in this case it is the rights of persons with disabilities. Thanks for the encouragement. Jamie

Jamie Bolling Executive Director - European Network on Independent Living skype: jamiebolling

Hi Jamie!

Your writing is very inspiring and full of hope. Your words are full of optimism and excitement.

It's great that you are able to speak out in such a forum, that shows incredible strength.

Your words flow together so well, it is so easy to read! I hope that you continue to share your strength and hope with others through World Pulse!

Kind Regards, Vanessa

Hi thanks for the encouragement. I am glad you find that which I write easy to read. I wish so many would find it easy to grasp, but this is not the case! I am in Eastern countries on a trip at this moment, and it was a while ago that I have been treated so invisibly! People talk over my head to my assistant and really do not consider me worth their effort. So the struggle continues! Jamie

Jamie Bolling Executive Director - European Network on Independent Living skype: jamiebolling

Hello Jamie! I'm one of the listeners for your Week One assignment. I enjoyed reading your journal entry and can sense your passion for bringing about social change to increase respect for people living with disabilities. Your determination to rise above your own personal experience and create an organization with a positive vision to advocate for others speaks to your leadership capabilities. It’s apparent that you understand the power of the Internet, and specifically the potential of Web 2.0, to mobilize people around the world. I’ll be interested to read how your involvement with World Pulse has encouraged you to promote global issues through the eyes of women. Keep up the good work! Your friend, Valerie

Hello and thanks for your reply. I do have a strong drive and passion for questions of democracy, equality and full participation of all. World Pulse allows one to reach a world of woman from many countries. Empowerment through sharing of experience is one of the tools we work with through Independent Living and I believe that through World Pulse I can reach many women from different cultures with my stories, a sharing of experience which can raise interest and contribute to capacity building. In all countries women with disabilities are not considered as equals. Expectations are low, with prejudice limiting people's views and consideration of the disabled and even more so disabled women. I know that the living experience is different depending on the countries from which we come, but we people with disability share a struggle for equality. We share the fact that no matter the country the disabled are amongst the poorest of the poor. We have low levels of education and high levels of unemployment. Women need empowerment in all countries, sharing stories of empowerment allow us to empower one another. Again thanks for your encouragement, all the best, Jamie

Jamie Bolling Executive Director - European Network on Independent Living skype: jamiebolling