The most exciting thing about Web 2.0 is that it allows us all to come together not only express our opinions and amplify our voices, but also it allows us to get connected to all other women like us, craving for sharing ideas and narrating stories no matter where we come from and who we are. I feel very optimistic about the arrival of web 2.0 in my life. I feel, as well, blessed to have this opportunity to immerse myself in this social platform from where I can connect to other people and create our community, where we all equally get ourselves involved in sharing, commenting, and listening to various unheard stories. Everyone has special stories to have born with, but not everyone has opportunity to share it and have audience for all stories. I always feel like that those people who are from privileged and rich backgrounds have the privilege to speak up and amplify their voices and their stories are the ones which get the most audience. This Web 2.0 is the platform where we women come together and bring the revolutionary I believe. As a matter of fact, especially in most Asian Countries, women are considered as inferior to men and they are socially undermined in many ways. It is not surprised that women also accept the fact that they are born as good mothers for children, wives for their husbands and house workers for their families, and their voices always becomes voiceless under the imposed silence. The silence has imposed upon women, but silence is not what they chose to be with. They have always been the kind of women that hid their faces, they have been so afraid to tell the world what they have got to say, but they-we all have dreams inside of us. In addition, Web 2.0 is another way of empowering women around the world because it gives convenient and comfortable space where they can share their own stories to the world. Most of the time, because of so many social or cultural constrains, women are usually not be able to say what they want to say, but they are confined to social boundaries. Web 2.0 reminds us that it is time to let it show, it is the time to let the world know what we have been bear with so long. Web 2.0 enables us to open ourselves right here right now to share things we were afraid of to share. It is a tool that is available for everyone so that we all make changes by simply sharing our deeply kept words, stories, and experience to the world. We can share not only our own stories but we can also have our mothers’, sisters’ and aunts’ stories heard. I am very excited to have this invaluable chance on World Pulse and I am more excited to get to know women around the world. I am more than ready to listen to all kinds of stories because I know that we all can find images of our own from those stories.

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Hi Jampa,

I really appreciate the sincerity in your essay. Being of Asian descent, I connected with the cultural restrictions and dominance imposed on women. It has suffocated them, and Web 2.0 does provide them an outlet to share and a community to listen. It allows for connectivity.

Thanks, Amir

Yeah, thanks very much for the comment. I can see lots of great opportunities and possibilities that Web 2.0 creates for us all around the world. I am very excited about this journey with all women across the world and share our stories and being listeners to everyone's story. All the best, Jampa


Your post is very inspiring and I really appreciate your ideas about how Web 2.0 can be used to share the stories of women who may not otherwise be able to raise their voices. Your passion shines through in your writing, which makes your post a pleasure to read. Thank you.

Keep posting.



Dear Abby, Thanks so much for taking time to read my post. I really appreciate it and your kind feedback encourages me to keep posting of course. It's my honor to meet you and we can be friends here and share our stories here. All the best, Jampa

Dear Jampa -

I am soooo excited that you are here and I am glad you are feeling optimistic. With you sharing your dreams, I am optimistic for the world :). I agree with you, the time is right. Thank you for being bold and taking this step to be a part of this community and let everyone know what is on your heart. The voice of women from Tibet must be heard!!


Jensine Larsen World Pulse

Dear Jensine, Thank you so much for your kind comments, your generous support and encouragement. I am here because of the web 2.0; I am here because of the World Pulse; I am here because you are here, you amazing people here to listen; to share; to connect with me and with us all. I am blessed to be here to be able to share my stories and listen others' stories to find my own image within. You are wonderful Jensine, thank you for being here for us. Lots of love & blessings, Jampa

Dear Jampa,

How wonderful to meet you through World Pulse, and to know that you will be travelling in North america with World Pulse Sisters. You carry such a beautiful and important message, that we are now able to amplify the generations of voices of women who have been so long silenced, and that we are now able to shake off our own fears to speak deeply from our hearts with each other, as you do here.

With love in Sisterhood,