As a prisoner in Plato’s allegorical cave

This education of my dreams

 Not merely as the daylight path

  And soul ascends to intelligent realm

        Or else my cave world

Then seen as eternal damnation in Hell

This education of my dreams

                     Is hope

               And self-realization

The realization of values of the soul itself

Even so it’s enclosed to the cave

It is not about knowing to stand up

Or turn away from the firelight

                 Seeing the shadows of illusions

      For it creates a tendency

The Tendency to demean my ignorance

    Thereby stuffing with guilty, disgrace and indifference

This education of my dreams

     Not to implant sight

         Nor to orient my directions

It rather proceeds on the understanding

                            Or recognition

The recognition of infinite capacity of intelligence

                                 Or Innate treasures

            The great potentials then to explore … to expand

Dust the smoke off the limitless gems within

This education of my dreams

Not just to liberate me from the chains

   Or then to uncover the reality in outer world

It is to rediscover being liberated from inner cave chains

                                  But gets trapped in outer world chains

It is to allow me to have direct access

        The access to the point of comprehension

              Higher consciousness, insight and clarity

                           Of my connection to the space

The space in both darkness and lightness

      Within spaces, between these poles

Life flows while discovering the profoundness beyond

And it is to empower me to bridge the fractions

                To moderate frictions

                To foster harmony

As nourishment to the soul

And boundary-free state

Subsequently sparks curiosity

                           Generates novelty

And creates whole tapestry of my life

 This education of my dreams

               Is a medium of communication

                           Only a way but never an end

The source of talent, potentials, inspiration

           The hope brims the soul

Only if to acknowledge born within

It is all to discover oneself, myself

Unchains from the submission

                               To reality or illusion

                                   Even in Plato’s cave


This education of my dreams

            Liberating the mind to soul

                 The soul for the prospects

                                    Prospects of life

                                            Creates a meaning in life

                                                        And to thrive relentlessly

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Dear Jampa,

Thank you so much for sharing this. I really enjoyed the lines “Dust the smoke off the limitless gems within, this education of my dreams, not just to liberate me from the chains, or then to uncover the reality in outer world, it is to rediscover being liberated from inner cave chains.” Plato’s Allegory of the Cave is such a fascinating story and I really enjoyed reading this and seeing the struggles of the individual and how that connects to the dreams of education and the power that it has in wanting to fight to get out of the cave. Thanks again for sharing.

Sincerely, Alyssa Rust 

Dear Alyssa,

As always, thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback, i deeply appreciate to you for stopping by reading my post. Yeah, i like plato's Allegory of Cave, we can discuss it so much deeper and meaningul ways.

Thank you,



Dear Jampa,

Like a Tibetan prayer flag, your poem calls for global understanding of just how profoundly education is the answer to how to resolve collectively the problems we face in the world today. Imagine the wisdom that will be set free as every girl now prevented this basic right is given the opportunity. What a celebration that we have you.

With much love,


Yes yes, absolutely dear Tam. Let's together imagine that every girl is free from socila stigmas, free from injusice, free from violence and every girl is fully liberated to live, to get quality education,  to flourish and to  have this world transformed in their way, our way with full of love, compassion and empathy. How wonderful the world would be.

Thank you, 

Much Love,