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Release all exhaustion Embrace all serenity Lend ears to whisper of breeze Allow breeze to stroke you That's the secret The secret source of my happiness Peace within

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that is a beautiful picture wish i was also there and such touching words too. enjoy my sister

we may be powerless to stop an injustice but let there never be a time we fail to protest. regards pela

Dear Pela, Thank you very much for your comment. I wish too you were here. But remember, we are also together spiritually, heart to heart, soul to soul and connected all the time. May happiness be with you, Cheers, Jampa

It's so good to relax after hard work! Just turn off your brain and watch the sunset! Sometimes in everyday rush we forget about this part. But it's important if you want to wake up next morning fresh and ready for new winnings.

Thanks for sharing, Jampa! Warmest wishes, Iryna

Dear lryna, You are most welcome. You guys are the people whom I would like share my days, stories, and my dreams. Thanks for great and warms words from you. Beautifully expressed. Love Jampa

What a way to relax Jampa! Reading through those few but loaded lines of yours, I partook of your moments out enjoying nature. Nice and refreshing indeed!


Dear Greengirl, So glad to hear from you. Yeah, we really should have great ways to relax and enjoy the nature. Thank you for the comments. Blessings, Love Jampa

Dear Y, Thank you for the comment, glad to hear that you also feel the same relaxation as i do. Lots of hugs, Love, Jampa

I absolutely love heights and as you say there is no better way to relax than let the whisper of the breeze to caress you with its cool embrace.

And I guess in the congested cities there is no better place to reach the breeze in its freshness other than climbing way up above to the building.

Salaam Aminah

Dear Aminah, That's right there is no better place to feel the cool breeze except from above rooftop. I would sometimes climb up to the rooftop and shout out aloud, sometimes i would just enjoy the serenity and feel the breeze. So good... Thank you dear, Love, Jampa