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I am here to speak for poor children in Africa-Uganda, these children are homelessness and have no parents. I looking for people like you to fundraise for these children and build for them an orphanage home. Please let's give hope and joy to such disadvantaged children.

I thank you for your support to change the world.

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Jane, you are doing great work supporting these children and advocating for the resources they need, including housing. They are lucky to have you- keep going.

Hello Jane, and welcome to our online community. I'm sure you'll find a network of supporters here.

One woman that I would especially like to connect you with is Beatrice, who has started a rural girl-child mentorship program in Uganda. You can connect with her here:

Also, I would like to direct you to the World Pulse Fundraising Toolkit which has some advice on how to effectively raise money for your projects:

If you would like other advice on making the most of our web-community, please look at our Getting Started Guide here:

I hope to read more about the work you're doing for these children and the world you want to create.

Kind regards,

Scott Beck

Jane, Thank you so much for bringing to light the plight of the homeless children in Uganda. If ever there are Angels of Mercy--you must be among them. I want you to know I hear you and have done some reading on the topic after reading your story. I found an organization that is helping orphans in Uganda and wanted to pass the link along to you. I'm pasting it in this message. Perhaps you can utilize this organization as another means of helping the children you advocate for. Please keep up the good work. Your message is loud and clear.

The organization is called Global Giving and below is an example of their fundraising efforts for women and children in Uganda.

Educate Girls Orphaned By HIV/AIDS In Rural Uganda

Rebuilding The Lives Of Street Children In Uganda

Educate Girls Orphaned By HIV/AIDS In Rural Uganda