last week i attended a women group who want me to offer some support to them by finding market for their products and as i talked to them i informed them about computers internet and sites. i was really suprised at how little they know about computers and how much it can offer opportunities to them. as i was explained to them they did not seem to understand much and i had to go deeply and tell them all about it tho i had less time. i wondered at how women in the village are either neglected or are not given opportunities or are not informed about things that are helpful to them. i still ponder that and question myself on what can i do to help women back in the village. sometimes we are not even grateful of little things that happen in our lives yet they can help and there are a number of those who will need that little we have. i think in everything whatever good that happens in our lives we should be grateful and help others have what we have if it is applicable. dont you think so?

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My sister WP correspondent makes very astute observations regarding the stark inequity that despite women being more than half of the world's population, we remain economically, politically and socially disempowered. This reality rings true for business women navigating the hallows of Wall Street in New York, to the indigenous women in the remotest villages in Kenya. While the discrimination and barriers to empowerment that these women face may look different, they indeed arise from the same universal continuum of gender inequality.

The title of this post - "Stand in the Gap" - intuitively calls for action. In addition to being grateful for the blessings and privileges in our lives, I posit that more can be done to rectify the gender imbalance. We must bring awareness to the realities of women's lives worldwide, we must approach stakeholders in our communities to sensitize them to the harm rendered by unequal laws and policies, and subordinating socialization, we must continue to fight to place women in positions of power, whether it be in Parliament or within a village decision-making unit, so that we can achieve tangible change. After being thankful for what we have in life, as my sister MP correspondent suggests, we must then take steps to do more.

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There are so many opportunities that we are not able to see right away... and computer world gives many opportunities if you know the skills. 5 years ago I new what a computer was only in our class, where nobody was allowed to get in without changing shoes... Besides we had to was weekly the floor with a toothbrush so that the dust doesn't destroy the computers... Now I laugh of that situation... How much brainwashing we had...

I believe that soon women in your area will have an easy access. sometimes though we forget how beautiful life is without virtual things. But the demands of the modern world makes us not quite strong if we don't know how to use it.

So, let's be grateful for little thing!

With best wishes, Victoria

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Janet has featured a great observation that some of us may take for granted. We oftentimes conceptualize empowerment as mere political empowerment. A good consideration of women empowerment is allowing the women to be familiar and knowledgeable of the new technology that enables them to get connected with other women in many parts of the world. The use of this technology is a good opportunity for them to create linkage worldwide. A culturally assigned role given to them as housekeeper and caregiver for their children has put them in the margin of technology use. it is time for us to work for equality in opportunities and benefits of the ICT that may free the women not necessarily from their homes and housework but from ignorance in technology that marginalizes them from the rest of the world. Then..... we may start educating....making education accessible and meaningful to women's lives

In a district of my town, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, we have many Batik workers, all of them are women. I found out that they have difficulties in marketing their product themselves and just depend on city enterpreneurs, big merchants who decide the amount of the payment. The batik workers have to works few days for finishing a piece of tissues, but they do not get enough money. Marketing batik themselves by going down town will be such a great effort and the result is no match. They decide to make cooperative group. Since it takes days to make a sheet of batik, they have to market it in group so they can have enough amount appropriate for a marketing activity. They have tried to do it online, supported by a young student of local people, who is familiar enough with computers. About 2 weeks ago, I watched a news program in television. In a little town of my country, an NGO made a program they called "IT for Housewife". They organize training for housewives who do not have enough access to IT media. They learned simple things for starting, such as browsing, opening a site, sending email ... There' s hope too from our IT experts. They found out that a fry pan (which looks like a parabola) can be used for gaining an internet access, which was not expensive at all. But they are still working on it. I hope those activities can be a start ... for the sake of communities.