janet kabugua
Posted November 10, 2010 from Kenya

for the last almost one year now have been quiet and alot has taken place in my life. have come across alot and alot has changed but it has not changed me from being th eperson i have been.

recently i moved to several places and now am in this place called nyahururu in central province of kenya and alot has been taking place since then. i got a new place in this organisation called st Martin CSA meaning catholic social apostolate since it caters for all people all denominations and all communities. i got a new role of working with people iwth intellectual disabilities and i must admit it is one of th ebest things in my life. Life has taught me so many things since i joined st martin and i get to meet new people in life who teaches me several things.

Recently i came across this lady from Italy who has become an inspiration to many of us here in st martin and nyahururu in general and also kenya for those who have seen her in the TV and the national papers. Her name is Simona and well despite the fact that she has no hands she has a heart that is full of love and joy that gives smiles to faces that had frowned before, happiness to those who were sad and encouragement to those who were low and heart broken. Her dancing is an exceptional gift that has insipred many and helped the very many in the community hwo had lost the hope of living due to their disabillities.She has helped us all learn that we all have disabilities though not visible but even deep in lives and in our hearts.

Today she gave a great performance and helped many youth realise that they have so much capabilities in them and that they can create change if only they accept that change look for motivational instead of waiting for any one to motivate them

we all can bring change in different ways, by accepting loving and appreciating each other nomatter our diasbilities.By realising that we all have disabilities in us it makes us see each other in a different way and even love them as brethren.

Lets create the change by accepting and appreciating each other in our lives.

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