just after recalling what i went through during my early age and the past years i wondered at how young women are exposed to exploitation and great danger. i imagined of these young women who are either suppossed to work or even get involved in compromising situations for waht they stand for or what they want in life. looking at the local community i saw a great number of girls who lured to early sex by men just because either they are orphans nad no one to stand for them or even no proper attention from family members. young women are very vunearable to diseases and evn teenage pregnancy not because of ignorance but because of the situation. imagine of this young lady she has been brought up by a father who is either a drunkard or even is at advanced age to provide for her but because she want to realise her dreams she has to work hard and in that case getting exposed. she will work hard in school and achieve good grades but because odf diasappointment from the father or the world surrounding her she end up being pregant or or even HIV infected. looking at that i felt this strong compassion towards my fellow young women and had to take action and stand in the gap. waht we walk through may be a great lesson to others and with whati have walked through myself i feel the importance of creating awareness on early teenage pregancy and how we can help young women realise their dreams without being exposed to such great dangers. am therefore organsing myself to start that campaign where i will be visiting primary schools and educating girls out ofmy own exprience though i will require support from other people. it is really great to see yourselfcreating change in the lives of other women. lets stand together to help one another. am looking forward to creating change in my community.