web 2.0 is one of the most exciting, educating and informing site i have ever come acrosss. am excited about web 2.0 because i can share my views i can share ideas and i can raise my voice and share what is [pressing me deep in my heart and my world is open to other people. being a part of this site makes me be very close to my fellow sisters because it is giing me an opportunity to learn what my sisters my mums and my friends are going through globally. we are given a chance to be proud of who we are by talking to each other. to me i feel like am talikng to my mentor and like i have been confined in a world full of darkness where i was all alone and could not see or talk to anyone because i had so much fears, then suddenlly a door is wide open and here and i am held my hand by a comforting and loving arms that surround me with so much love andlet me explaind what i was going through in that deep dark hole or dark room. being given a chance in this site to let other women share with me and let them help me and hold my hand and most important learn from them it makes my world be full of sunshine and cheerfulness. i wondered how i could be able to share without criticism without intimidation without fear without humiliation and i wondered where will i be able to share my hidden fears until one day i woke up inthe morning and here i found my gift covered with most brightest and beautful flowers and it gave me joy from then until now am happy and jovial and full of smiles. sometimes i imgaine of how i had a beautful moment to share with my fellow women about my life eperience the response i got the sweet words and the encouraging and strong words full of comfort and strength. i wondered how many women live in a confined world full of fears and isolation and whose voice can not be heard because of intimidation and humiliation from either their men or the comunity. with the creation of web 2.0 they can raise their voices and they can be heard that excited me even more. last week i also realised how by raising my voice am able to encourage other women to do the same and how my self esteem has improved and i have developed such strong confidence and i can stand even infront of my fathers and grandfathers and brothers without shaking .i realised how much the site has encouraged me and right now i feel inner joy and strength that i knew and embraced it and now i can be full of smiles for accepting this gift. web 2.0 is agift i cant let o go it has educated me it has given me opportunity and it has allowed me speak. am too proud to be associated with web 2.0

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Janet.... your post fills me with joy. I sense that the connections you are making here have given you strength to voice your ideas and thoughts, to let yourself be heard. I'm so happy that you feel more liberated and supported with this community.

I just wanted to point out that being your Voices of Our Future assignment, you will need to add a title to your post. You can easily do that by clicking the "Edit" tab above your journal entry. LEAVE IN the part "VOF Week 1" but just add a title after it. For example, it could read something like "VOF Week 1: Raising My Voice". All the best and we are so thrilled that you are a part of our VOF group.

You are awesome! I just want to say that I had a great time reading your post. You seem to be so full of positive, influental energy, the kind of energy that women like myelf feed off of. It sounds like you have done a great job navigating yourself through the web site and get the most that you can out of it. I am still learning how to get around, but i now I know who to go to if I have any questions! I look forward to learning more about you. I hope that you are having a wonderful day!