At first i knew not all about blogging until recently when my brother encouraged me to know more and also enlightened me on blogging. i was just interested in checking my mails and was all. my step brother who in this case am adopted by his mum has been studying information technology and he has been encouraging me alot and yes i got interested. at first i joined some sites where i did not contribute but i could read their articles and from that what i felt most as my challenge was that people dont get to read your articles often and and even in some case your article is just seen as rubbish so i felt discouraged and this is after i joined another site and started contributing. people's lack of interest and not knowing much about computers myself i felt it was a challenge to me. i grew in the village and i have been living there so the access to computers is such a big problem and since i had interest i always go to town to check my mails when am in the village therefore becoming difficult for me at times. in one way or another i feared criticism intimidation and manipulation which would occur during my contributing in many cases people are intimidated and especially where they are corrected in a harsh or rude way so i feared that. the thought of people not reading my article also discourages me and therefore becoming such a a barrier to me i wonder how many people really want to readwhat am writing about and how many will term my work as rubbish i usually feel threatened. some other times i want to update or even be at the exact time but i just find myself not able to . in some am not able to share not because i dont want to but updating becomes a problem at times i wonder how real it is people sharing their stories in the net and i have come to find it real since i joined the world pulse but as much as i want to contribute i find it difficult due to time or even access to the net. am one person who really love to share and read as it keeps me informed and it helps me know what i dont know and it helps me get the courage to go on but like said fatigue is also a challenge that i would love to know how to handle it as it acts like a a barrier too me and how ever much interest i have am not able to. blogging has become part of me but now knowing much about it has been my greatest barrier am glad that world pulse has helped me know even much about it all. that is the sweetest thing of all