vof week 4: using power in me

janet kabugua
Posted April 14, 2009 from Kenya

my vision for my life ? wow what a good topic for this week. Those were the words that crossed my mind immediately I read week four’s assignment. To be honest I have great dreams and am driven by my strong aspirations and ambition that I have for my life. As a little girl I use to see father would walk through in order to raise me and when I would see people read news on the tv in this case neighbor’s TV I would get so inspired and I would tell my father again and again I want to be like them, io want to be a broadcaster and I loved it. In high school I use to be a good reader and anyone who wanted to know the happenings in our country and around the world they would come asking for me because the ambition to be a writer and a broadcaster drove me to reading every newspaper available at school. I have always wanted my vision to come true of being a writer and a broadcaster despite discouragement from friends and family my vision still stands and I guard it. I want to livce life full of fulfillment, I want to be there for my son to be a good mum who can provide and stand by her family. I want to be an example to my son and my friends family. I must admit my vision for life has taken me this far as am the only one who has schooled high school and also college in my family. Being the last born challenges were more and I would look for wel wishers to help me in my studies and I would explain to them what I want in life and how I want my life to be and it is this strong spirit and vision that led to many paying for my school fees and doing my shopping. Am so determined that even though I have no job right now my vision, my dream, my ambition will be fulfilled. I really love my community wherever I go I feel that is my community and they need me in one way or another. During my high school times I really wanted to be a social worker as well since I knew with that I could be in touch with my community I would touch lives directly. I wanted to see the sick helped the helpless get help those who need my help make sure that they get. And yes my dream my vision for my society has not died yet. Though I studied a different course I know my love for my community will never die especially the love I have for women back in the village. My vision to see them respected and recognized. Their rights realized and for them to be treated like human beings without intimidation or humiliation it always burns in my heart. I am so focused to see that women get educated though am not able to do it now I believe I will do it. I want single mothers to be treated with respect not like kind of prostates not only here in my country but worldwide because single parenthood is caused by many reasons therefore respect is very vital. Am a woman with great dreams not only to see myself successed but my community and world at large. I believe that ones vision has to come true as long one is determined and has a strong spirit to achieve what she believes in. it is this strong spirit and determination that has taken me so far. I always know that my life is not meant to be a miserable life with no happiness but my life is a life full of happiness great achievements and with great aspirations I work towards it. Am so determined to see that my community gets the help and attention it should have It takes a great dreamer and a person of great vision who does not sleep on her dream but works on it to bring positive change.

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