vof week 4: using power in me

janet kabugua
Posted April 14, 2009 from Kenya

Being a world pulse correspondent it will be the best thing that will be happenning to my life it will be a dream come true to me. I have always dreamt of working towards becoming a great journalist and be able to highlight the needs of women and get the proper help they. To be a correspondent to the worldpulse will open my door to becoming a good writer and to be honest is helping me be a good writer and a confident person who can deliver with no fear or hesitation. It will give me more strength to be able to approach my fellow women and address issues without feeling shy or timid. As a correspondent in this site I will have opportunity to share to the world and touch souls and become part of bringing change in the society. As a lady with great aspritions my dream and ambition wil come true because I will be able to achieve what I have been dreaming of. It is through this channel that I believe a will become a greta journalist and an example not only to my son but also to other young women. As a person who is determined to learn more and to achieve great things this channel will help me by being a pathfinder to me and by strengthening me where by my fellow women will be there to give me a hand congratulate or even correct me kindly. It will also give me a chance to be able to mingle with other women world wide and learn to work with them and also raise voices together as one community one tool one channel. I dream of being awarded as a journalist of the year world pulse will give me an opportunity to be able to show the world what am capable of doing and with their support my vision will finally be true and realised. I imagine and dream of myself waking up one day and find the world reading my articles sending positive comments wanting to hear more from me and wanting to be associated with me and the truth is I know world pulse will not only make my personal vision of my life but also a vision to communicate to the world come true. By associating with other women world pulse is giving me a chance to share with them learning the problem other women are walking through get challenged and motivated at the same time. Giving me chance to stand on the gap will make me know how to approach different problems get to reach many women and even get to touch many. The world is beautiful place to be but only if I live positively with those living in so by sharing and contributing in every way it is building me and building other women and therefore I will be able to achieve my goal in life. Changing the world from a world of war and misery to a world of peace love and unity can only be achieved by working together and having unity among us so by being a worldpulse correspondent it will give that chance of communicating and being a link between two worlds and becoming one world. It is through this channel that I know I will be a great person in future.

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