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-CSO Haiti:

The U.N. Office of the Special Envoy for Haiti has created a website that allows donors, NGOs, and grassroots organizations to coordinate their efforts. It does have a wiki function which means that the groups doing the work can post what they are doing, and smaller, grassroots efforts are invited to use this tool as well as the large NGOs.

It behooves everyone who is offering aid to use this tool, a directory of Civil Society Organizations:


Team UNA-Haiti would like to thank you for your participation at our re-launching event a free open forum at the United Nations intended to connect the extended Haitian Diaspora with international partners in business, in humanitarian and development assistance. There were almost 700 participants, representing a remarkable depth of experience, passion and commitment. We truly hope that the experience was valuable

The next step is for you to become a member if you have not already done so. Within a week, we will be reaching out to our membership to determine where your interest lies and how best to integrate your skills and expertise into a collaborative plan of action. You will be invited to a smaller format meeting with a UNA-Haiti expert team leader (drawn from our board and our speaker faculty, among others).

Your team will decide together which projects they will support. UNA-Haiti will contact the organizations and start creating short and long-term activities for those of you ready to go "in country" starting in late April or early May.

We need to establish a social networking site that will better serve you and that will connect directly with other United Nations Associations (UNAs), NGOs, and business resources around the world. We are looking at a few appropriate structures, but if you have expertise in this area, please contact us.

To sign up for membership go to and click on membership or send email to