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I am overjoyed to have received a second letter from my rafiki Damaris. I have attached it for you all to see as it is so eloquent and newsy. She made me day and I can't wait to respond. Have a great week, everyone.

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I heard the joy in Dorcus's letter- what a connection. I'm looking out the window at a bright blue day, just spent 10 minutes on my deck with warmth seeping into my pores, and now reading your letter- warming me from within. The Rafiki Club is tapping into a kind, warm place for all of us.

Loved that you posted the letter Janice.

Thanks Laura

Dear Janice

Thank you for your posting. It has also made my day. I was just reveiwing how much work and resources we have been putting in the Project So far and as I read Janice's Comments, Laura's comment and read Damaris' leteer then i know that these are testimonies of The Joyous Fruits of Our labour. I wish you you a happy rewarding Labour Day. thank you Janice for posting and for scanning the letter at times we see to believe. thanks mamaAfrica

Dear Janice,

Thanks so much for your posting and the lovely letter from Damaris. I just signed up for the program and eagerly await being paired with my Rafiki. Your posting is helping me remain patient!! Peace is possible!


Imagine PEACE Virginia