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I am still smiling over seeing a letter from my rafiki, Damaris in my mailbox. Mama Damaris joined the tailoring class late last year and she has learnt how to make women clothes, men's shirts and she is learning how to make both long and short pants. I am so proud of her achievements and read that she will be leaving the programme to apply her new skills on her own.

Plus, do you all see the beautiful Rafiki Club letterhead? It's so exciting to see this programme evolve and the joy it brings to so many. I can't wait to write back to her and thank mamaAfrica again for this opportunity to become friends with Mama Damaris. Janice

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What pure joy the Rafikis are creating- the written word turning women towards one another sharing stories and resources- I have been moved time and again by reading Rafiki members journal posts.

Love your joy Janice. Maybe one day you will travel to Kenya to meet your Rafiki? Cheers Laura