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I had the joy of watching a moving documentary called "We Are Together" about the remarkable Agape Orphanage children's choir, and their daily doses of pain and suffering.

Paul Taylor's moving film manages to be both life-affirming and a grim look at the realities of life for children in AIDS-ravaged South Africa. After spending three months working as a volunteer at the Agape Orphanage in KwaZulu Natal, Paul was inspired to make a movie about the children, many of whom had lost their parents to AIDS. The documentary focuses on the delightful 12-year-old Slindile Moya and her siblings, and takes you on the choir's journey to create a CD to raise funding for the orphanage so that it is able to take on more orphans. Expect tears of joy and sadness whilst watching this intimate and heart-felt portrait.

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Janice, I am enjoying your movie reviews and will see this one soon. So many ways to open the mind and heart to the people of the world, what's going on in real lives, and how people innovate, and empower themselves.

Movies and books are one of the ways I am able to access this- thanks for the review. Did you see Food Inc? Well done documentary about industrial food complex in the states and nice tips at the end to a healthier/saner way of growing, transporting, and eating our food.

Here's to stellar cinema! Laura