Some time ago in March, I was doing my usual internet review of e-mails when I run into a pretty small ad about a page for women of the world. I said to myself it would be interesting to see such a novelty. When I opened the Pulsewire page, I had never heard of Web 2.0. At least not in the way World Pulse was being presented. Strangely enough, for something like one hour or so I could not open other pages: I had a virus in my computer. So, I kept on reading, and reading, and reading.... seemed like I could not get enough. When I finally got the rest of the pages back, I couldn't review them. My urge was big enough to keep on reding.and I had to see what this was all about. So, when I came to know .... it was 4 in the morrning and I had just finished to post my first story. Haven't stopped since then.


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