This is a list of humans that have their rights violated in my country at present. I must say that this situation has not happened before during democratic governments. This will be the first of a series of articles that will follow. Assasinations are not included in this list.

Self Exiled people in Brazil, who live threatened every day and do not dare to come back: 200 men and women

Self Exiled in Peru: Former Ministers of Sanchez de Lozada government (the one Morales threw away from the office), around 6.

People who are disidents from the MAS (Movement toward Socialism), who have been beaten up, according to how serious the hammering has been:

1.- Marcial Fabricano: Almost died. Doctors say it will take him at least six months to recover. 2.- Woman: Mrs. Cárdenas and her two sons were beaten up because they are the family of former Vice President (from indigenous ascendance) Victor Hugo Cárdenas. MAS followers took over a home of their property. 3.- Woman: Marleny Paredes, former Senator for the MAS party, was beaten up after resigning from the political party. She was in the hospital for one week. They took over a home of her property also. 4.- Woman: Jennifer Wissemberg, wife of former National Customs Director, Cesar Lòpez, has been assaulted and stabbed 20 times, by MAS people. Her husband did not let 33 huge trucks with smuggled goods to come through the upnorth border with Brazil. These trucks had been authorized by Morales and his Minister Juan Ramon Quintana, who called Lopez to ask him to let them pass. He didn't. MAS representatives in the Congress found Lopez guilty ... and the complainant is in jail. 5.- Woman: Adriana Gil, former MAS Senator, became a disident when the violence started. Her home has been taken over violently. She cannot get in. 6.-Roman Loayza, former MAS leader, disident. He has been banned from entering his hometown and is harrassed and shouted at in the streets. 7.- Filemon Escobar: MAS founder. He was thrown away from the MAS because he did not want violence. He is insulted in the streets and harrassed by MAS followers. 8.- Woman: Ana Melena, former civic leader who has fled to Brazil, and is very afraid to come back as she has been threatened that she will get killed if she comes back.

All these persons have not been helped by the Ombudsman, because their perpetrators do not work in public offices, they are simply followers. Morales and his Ministers say that it is not true these people have anything to fear. But the police, instead of protecting them, protects the rioters when they go after disidents.

Again, no marketing campaign will make me think violence is OK if it is for the greater good. That is unacceptable to me. I will not allow myself to indulge my own soul into thinking this is worthy at all. Bolivia has always been the paradise of nonviolent life. It is only in the last 10 years that this amount of violence has become so normal.

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Do you think that is you bring the attention of international community the things will be better? I have suffered myself violating of my rights n my country and the only way to protect myself was to write to istitutions outside - so i hope that will work

We have the same feelings of sorrow and anger against brutalities by people in power and I think this is one of the common factors that brought us together here in this community. Feeling of sorrow being shared lessens and feeling of joy being shared mutiplies. Let us keep raising our voices!

more power!

take care, malayapinas

Human right violations must be stopped everywhere. Violence of all kinds must be stopped. Let us raise our voices against this.

Best to you,


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America