My green heart is sweeping because the indigenous people, those who Morales said he represented, are now called "land sellers" by a mischivious government official.

There is no way peope marching for life in the Territorio Indigena Parque Nacional Isiboro Secure - TIPNIS, are to sell any land they do not own. They only want to defend it from peasants, who always strive to be merged to the indigenous peoples, but are always trying to colonize them.

Morales said in a meeting: "Peasants should go there and make indigenous women fall in love with them, conquer them, and they will accept the road". This is Unacceptable for these women. They began to march, with their families."This road will not divide my family, nor my heart," said one of the women in the front row of the march. Today is the 9th day on the road, and one 14 year old boy is the first victim of the deafness of a leftist government.

See more in this video from Al Jazeera coverage: